Sunday, March 27, 2011

George Vincent supports the streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we know you all will be pleased to learn that our good, good friend George Vincent has endorsed the Cincinnati Streetcar!  This pivotal support will help us succeed in our fight against Governor John Kasich and all those other evil Republicans who are preaching this fiscal responsibility garbage.  We need a streetcar - make that several streetcars - in Cincinnati and we don't care how much it costs.

Nobody can be surprised by this endorsement from our good friend George.  George Vincent has long been a supporter of higher taxes and more spending.  In fact, George was one of our site's first allies and has remained a close friend.  Due to George Vincent, the Hamilton County Republican Party endorsed the $800 million Sales Tax increase that the voters tragically rejected.  It was George Vincent who cut a deal with Democrat Todd Portune to let him run unopposed.  And now George is backing us again by supporting our streetcar plan.

Mark our words, we are bringing streetcars to Cincinnati.  No matter what Governor Kasich and those horrible fiscal conservatives do to the state funding that we deserve, the streetcars are coming.  We have already built tremendous support behind the plan that we announced just last week to implement a massive tax increase to build $500 million worth of streetcar lines in Cincinnati!  Know that we will utilize our long friendship with George Vincent to our full advantage.  Get ready to ride the streetcar to prosperity!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raise Taxes to build The Streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are glad to be back in Cincinnati!  We have spent the last 3 weeks in Columbus lobbying furiously for higher taxes, more union power, and to save our beloved Cincinnati streetcar.  Many of us streetcar supporters are crushed by the wave of bad news we have suffered in the last week.  Consider the horrible news we have had to endure:

- Jeff Berding announced his opposition to the project and selected a Republican to replace him on Council
- The Enquirer editorialized in favor of putting the project on hold
- Charlie Winburn will be making a motion to do just that
- Governor John Kasich and the TRAC group which allocates transportation funding has recommended that the state defund our streetcar!
- Worst of all, the State Senate even passed legislation prohibiting any federal or state money from going to the streetcar!  It is expected the House will pass this and it will be signed by our terrible Governor.

This is all terrible news for us, the home of the pro-streetcar movement.  If we want a streetcar, we're going to have to pay for it ourselves and it's completely unfair.  However we believe we are up to the challenge.

We support an immediate tax increase to build an ambitious new $500 million streetcar system throughout Cincinnati.  We will continue with our plans to build a line north to uptown all the way up to Bond Hill.  We will build the next line east through Walnut Hills, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, and Mt. Washington.  Then we will build another line west through Price Hill and Westwood to stop at the border of Cheviot, where it can connect to the new Cheviot streetcar that their fine city will build.  Buses aren't good enough for our crowd.  Our $500 million streetcar system and the massive tax increases it will require are coming soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Michelle Schneider bitter still at Shannon Jones

Dear fellow tax hikers, for our Michelle Schneider the bitterness of her landslide loss to State Senator Shannon Jones has not subsided.  And nor should it.  Michelle obeyed party leaders faithfully.  She raised taxes on command.  When that Senate seat opened up, it was Michelle's turn to commandeer it.  She was entitled to that seat!  Nobody had the right to take Michelle Schneider's seat from her, not Shannon Jones and especially not the stupid voters. 

Recently Senator Jones saw her bill to reform collective bargaining pass the Ohio Senate.  We strongly opposed this bill because we want the unions, not elected officials, deciding how to spend taxpayer dollars.  Our Michelle Schneider never would have written this bill!  She probably wouldn't have even voted for it.  Michelle would be raising taxes right now, not reforming collective bargaining.

So we are very proud of our Michelle for taking the opportunity to criticize Shannon Jones in The Enquirer's first article about her since the bill's passage.

Tempted by the prospect of an open state Senate seat, Jones elbowed her way past her political mentor and Columbus roommate, former Rep. Michelle Schneider of Madeira, despite what Schneider insists were Jones' repeated assurances to "never, never run against" her.

"She stabbed me in the back," Schneider said. "Some friend."

We are proud of Michelle Schneider's bitterness.  She should be bitter.  We are bitter.  All you tax hikers should be bitter too.   You'll really be bitter when Shannon's efforts keep our taxes from being raised.  

This was Michelle Schneider's seat.  She was entitled to get the Senate appointment.  She was entitled to run unopposed in the Republican Primary.  She was entitled to run unopposed in the general election.  Shannon Jones had no right to run for and win this seat.  And the voters had no right to deny Michelle what was hers.  Shame on a system that would allow this injustice to happen.