Monday, October 31, 2011

Re-elect Leslie Ghiz to City Council

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are writing to correct a grave injustice.  The Cincinnati Enquirer published a Sunday editorial calling on the voters to defeat Leslie Ghiz as she seeks re-election to Cincinnati City Council.  This mean editorial called her a "distraction", accused her of "throwing bombs" that are often "personal, petty, and nasty", and said she affects Council in negative ways. 

All that and more are the things we love most about our Ghizzy.  If you think Leslie Ghiz is personal, petty, and nasty on Council, wait until you get to know her in real life.  She curses like a drunken sailor, and many say she drinks like one too.  Those are the characteristics of one classy woman.

These personal attributes are great, but they aren't the #1 reason we have always supported Ghizzy.  She believes in the things we believe.  Ghizzy supported the proposed 15 year, $777 million Sales Tax increase for Hamilton County.  Ghiz voted to build the popular Cincinnati streetcar.  Ghiz voted to give taxpayer money to John Pepper's Freedom Center.  And speaking of Pepper, Ghiz publicly endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner, assisting him in his legendary victory which turned our county over to the Democrats. 

Raising taxes, building streetcars, endorsing Democrats, behaving in a personal, petty, and nasty manner - these reasons and more are why we proudly endorse Leslie Ghiz for Cincinnati City Council.  Even though she is term-limited and will immediately start running for Judge as soon as the election is over, she is entitled to be re-elected to Council.  Ghizzy is one of us.  We support her 100%.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oppose Dan Unger for Northwest School Board

Dear fellow tax hikers, we ask everyone in the Northwest School District to vote against fiscal conservative Dan Unger for School Board.  His opposition to higher taxes, and support for more spending controls, makes him unfit to serve on a School Board.  In addition to his votes against raising your property taxes, Unger has made a series of proposals on his website and campaign ad which we find revolting:

- Saying no to double dippers.  We have no problem with people who retire from their jobs to start collection their pensions, then return the next day to the job so they can earn both their salary and pension at the same time.

- Amend the district's purchasing policy to require School Board approval for high-dollar purchases.  We would rather see Administrators spending wildly with no control from the Board.

- Require the Board to appoint the financial review committee, instead of having the Treasurer appoint a committee to review.  What is wrong with having the Treasurer's office appoint the committee who will oversee the Treasurer's office?

- Control spending.  We are against controlling spending.  If the district fails to control spending, then we'll have to pass property tax increases to pay for it all.  And raising taxes is what we really want.

If you like higher taxes as much as we do, you have to vote against these fiscal conservatives who try to keep government under control.  Say YES to higher taxes and say YES to big spending by saying NO to Dan Unger.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oppose Heather Harlow for Fiscal Officer

Dear fellow tax hikers, we urgently must come together to oppose the re-election of our enemy Heather Harlow for Colerain Township Fiscal Officer.  Harlow's crimes against our tax-and-spend movement are long and severe. 

1.  Was one of only seven elected officials in Hamilton County who opposed the massive 15 year, $777 million Sales Tax increase in 2007.  Everyone was under orders from the political parties and our beloved Sheriff Simon Leis to support this.  Harlow refused to endorse this needed countywide tax increase, and her fellow citizens of Colerain voted it down in record numbers.  We will not tolerate it when an elected official represents their constituents instead of obeying party leaders.

2.  Co-chaired Chris Monzel's campaign for Commissioner instead of supporting our endorsed candidate Leslie Ghiz.  Ghiz deserved that nomination.  Ghiz supported that Sales Tax hike, she endorsed Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner and Mayor, and she voted to start the $200 million streetcar project.

3.  Helped lead the conspiracy against Leslie Ghiz by the Blue Chip Young Republicans, an organization she once lead.  Harlow is one of the people who we blame for that club's unanimous support of Monzel over Ghiz.  

4.  We are also angry that she, as a woman, has been openly supportive of protecting gun rights for law-abiding citizens.  It is not a woman's place to support the 2nd Amendment.  Her job is to support higher taxes on command, and she has failed miserably at that simple task. 

We must unite to stop Heather Harlow!  Her support for limited government, holding the line on taxes, and protecting constitutional rights is completely unacceptable.  Our movement has to stop young, conservative, Republican women before they get too far.  We endorse her male opponent because we need to stop this conservative woman now.  Tax us more!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ashwin Corattiyil's Snafu

Dear fellow tax hikers, we were the first to give the new Hamilton County Republican Party Political and Communications Director a warm welcome to his new job.  Now we would like everyone to forgive our friend Ashwin Corattiyil for his first glaring mistake. 

On Friday the Hamilton County GOP sent a press release announcing that Rocky Boiman was selected to fill Tracy Winkler's hefty shoes as the newest Green Township Trustee.  Nevermind that we had already announced it three days earlier.  In this release, Ashwin wrote, "On Monday, October 18th, Green Township Trustees David Linnenberg and Tony Upton appointed Rocky Boiman to replace Tracy Winkler...."

Monday was October 17th.  By the time the 18th rolled around it was Tuesday and Rocky had already been selected.  We would like everyone to just ignore this error and move on. 

Just because Ashwin spent the entire 2004 election cycle campaigning for John Kerry and worked for the liberal Democratic Speaker of New York City Council through 2010 does not mean that he is a Democratic infiltrator who is trying to destroy our Hamilton County GOP from within.  He did not make this silly mistake to embarrass his new Republican employer.  You can trust him.  That's what we declare.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rick Bryan - 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly name Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year.  Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan has an extensive record of raising taxes and growing the size of government.

Most people familiar with Rick say that he is one of the least hardworking and most irrelevant politicians in Southwest Ohio, and for the most part they are correct.  But we love Rick anyways because he works very hard at two things - raising taxes and building big taxpayer-funded monuments.  Consider the Rick Bryan record:

1)  Teamed with former Attorney General Marc Dann to endorse a 15 year, $777 million Sales Tax increase on Hamilton County residents.  Sadly, 56% of county voters rejected Rick's huge Sales Tax hike.

2)  Publicly endorsed a 2006 Charter Amendment giving Blue Ash City Council the authority to raise the city's earnings tax from a measly 1% to 1.25%.

3)  As soon as this amendment passed, Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan wasted no time taking advantage of this power by voting to raise the earnings tax by 25% on the undertaxed residents and workers of Blue Ash.

4)  After raising the earnings tax, our Rick has enthusiastically pushed to spend it all on vitally important items such as a $14 million Rec Center rebuild (when it could have been renovated for $3 million), a big new park, a new arts center (30 feet from Sharonville's), AND The Big All-Important Golf Course Clubhouse Expansion.  While many communities are wasting their money on things like police, fire, roads, and snow removal, Bryan makes sure Blue Ash focuses on building big expensive monuments on which they can hang an expensive plaque with the names of each City Councilman.

5)  Strongly supported the re-election of our hero Bob Bedinghaus for all the great things he did for Hamilton County.  We needed those stadium deals, and we're glad Rick Bryan understands this. 

6)  Voted to have Blue Ash City Council endorse the tax increase which more than doubled the Hotel/Motel Tax in Hamilton County.  This tax increase was pushed by Virgil Lovitt, sponsored by Jean Schmidt, and signed into law by Bob Taft - a legendary trio of tax hikers.

7)  Opposed the nomination of our nemesis Pat DeWine for Judge.  DeWine opposed the $777 million Sales Tax increase that Bryan endorsed, and our Rick wanted to make sure DeWine was severely punished for his fiscally conservative ways. 

8)  A fine example of Rick's efforts to make Blue Ash so "well-run", the City actually paid a band to NOT perform at the Taste of Blue Ash.  Never have we seen a wiser use of taxpayer dollars. 

9)  Finally, Rick proudly wears his big, manly, mad-sexy mustache everywhere he goes.  Given his poor work ethic and limited ability to understand complex issues, Rick Bryan needs that Mustache Power to be the tax-hiking superstar he has become today. 

As you can see, Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan is a fantastic tax increaser and is highly deserving of his Tax Hiker of the Year Award.  He doesn't do many things well, but nobody can deny his superior skills at raising taxes and building big monuments.  We hope everyone will join us in congratulating our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Green Township Trustee

Dear fellow tax hikers, we congratulate Rocky Boiman for being named the newest Green Township Trustee.  Boiman was selected to replace our Tracy Winkler, who had to resign the seat to become Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  Those are some mighty big shoes that Rocky will be asked to fill. 

We believe Rocky is firmly qualified for this position.  He played football at St. X.  He played football at Notre Dame.  He played football in the NFL.  His Political Action Committee, LEAD PAC, endorsed and donated to Democratic City Council candidate P.G. Sittenfeld as well as the liberal, pro-streetcar Deadbeat Democrat Jason Riveiro. We expect Rocky to get right to work keeping things as they are and protecting the patronage jobs of select Green Township families. 

We applaud Green Township Trustees Tony Upton and David Linnenberg for moving expeditiously to select a qualified candidate for this opening.  It only took them 5 days to accept Winkler's resignation, announce the opening, allow time for applications to come in, schedule the interviews, conduct the interviews, and make a final decision.  That is the sign of a fair, open, and honest selection process that everyone can be proud of.  Please join us in giving Rocky Boiman a warm welcome to our tax-hiking team.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Virgil Lovitt for Sharonville Mayor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we strongly endorse 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt for re-election as Sharonville's Mayor.  Virg has been a fantastic Mayor and is possibly the greatest active Hamilton County tax hiker we have.  There are too many examples of Virg's high-tax activism to list in one blog entry, but we'll make sure you get a chance to review his greatest hits.

As Mayor, Virgil supported a 50% increase in Sharonville's income tax.  In 2007 Virg endorsed a $777 million Sales tax increase for the undertaxed citizens of Hamilton County.  When Sharonville overpaid some of its employees by $500,000, Virg decided to be a gentleman and just let everyone keep the money.  A great Bob Taft Republican, Virg could not wait to endorse Taft's 3rd Frontier project which has worked to save Ohio's economy.  Virg endorsed and worked hard to more than double Hamilton County's lodging tax, legislation sponsored by tax hiker Jean Schmidt and signed into law by Taft - 3 legendary tax hikers working together to raise our taxes. 

There are so many more tax hikes and big government activity in Virg's record.  Virg endorsed a huge property tax increase for the Princeton Schools in 2007, which failed.  In 2010, with the Princeton Schools already spending more money per student than nearly every other school district in Ohio, Virg endorsed another huge property tax increase which fortunately passed.  Virg has been a strong supporter of proven tax hiker Jean Schmidt, opposed fiscal conservative Pat DeWine for Judge, and even endorsed and donated to Democrat Todd Portune.

We consider Virgil Lovitt to be the model public servant for our tax-and-spend movement.  Our only regret is that he is not serving us in a greater capacity.  If there was any justice in the world Virg would be a County Commissioner or State Representative while building up to a statewide run.  But Ohio's loss is Sharonville's gain.  We proudly give our strongest possible endorsement to Virgil Lovitt for Sharonville Mayor so that he can spend four more years endorsing every tax increase in the region.

Tax Hiker of the Year TBA Thursday morning

Dear fellow tax hikers, now that our efforts to install Tracy Winkler as the new Hamilton County Clerk of Courts have resulted in victory, we now return to a high priority item.  As you know, we have already selected our Tax Hiker of the Year.  Today we announce that we are planning a big rollout this week.

This Thursday morning at 7:30 AM, Republicans for Higher Taxes will name the winner of our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year award.  We promise that we have found a highly deserving recipient.  We know that you all will be just as proud of our accomplished winner as we are. 

We trust that everyone understands the reason for our delay.  Our movement needed to focus all of our attention on selecting Tracy Winkler to be our next Clerk of Courts.  This was an important victory for us.  With that behind us, we can give our Tax Hiker of the Year the big-time attention that he or she deserves.  We have always done right by the winner of this most prestigious award and this year will be no different.  Tax us more!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

HamCo GOP's latest hire worked on Kerry campaign

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to introduce Ashwin Corattiyil as the new Political Director of our Hamilton County Republican Party.  Ashwin is a great friend of ours and we know he will do a fantastic job for our movement.  His background is pristine.

Our Ashwin spent the entire 2004 campaign season working for Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry!  Corattiyil's extensive time with the John Kerry campaign was chronicled in this article, which included the following passage that helped explain his attraction to Kerry:
He worked for John Kerry from the beginning of his presidential bid as an intern in the New York campaign office, because he thought that Kerry had the best chance of beating Bush. 

Ashwin's liberal values also influenced his decision to work for Senator Kerry.
The activist came to New York from comparably small and suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, tempted by NYU’s teaching program. He recalled growing up and being slightly more liberal than the neighborhood regulars. 
Even though you’re born and raised here, you see the outsider’s perspective. I can see a totally different viewpoint. And, I think that’s why I became more liberal.

As recently as September 2010, our Ashwin was working for the Speaker of the New York City Council, Democrat Christine Quinn

Campaigning for John Kerry, promoting liberal values, working for New York City Democrats - this is exactly the kind of person we need to help run the Hamilton County Republican Party!  Why hire a proven Republican operative to help run the Republican Party when you can hire a wonderful Democrat instead?

Selecting Ashwin Corattiyil is as great of a decision as selecting Tracy Winkler.  They have precisely the kind of qualifications that we at Republicans for Higher Taxes treasure.  These kind of decisions are moving our party in the right direction - our direction.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our new Clerk of Courts

Dear fellow tax hikers, today was a special day for us personally and for the movement that we lead.  We were privileged to be in attendance as our Tracy Winkler was officially sworn in as the new Hamilton County Clerk of Courts!  Then at the reception afterwards we enjoyed an appetizer with Tracy, followed by a bucket of wings, and some chips and dip, and an assorted variety of candies, and finally a sampling of wonderful desserts. 

Tracy wasted no time getting busy at her new job.  By the end of the week we anticipate she will actually know what the Clerk of Courts does.  With hundreds of patronage jobs at her disposal, Tracy will have many hiring decisions to make.  She will soon make key decisions about her administrative staff, perhaps replacing workers like Mike Robison with some of her unemployed relatives with minimal education.

And naturally, Jennifer Triantafilou is being strongly considered for a high-ranking job.  Because of her qualifications, of course. 

Team Tax Hikers, all of you deserve credit for the great jobs you have done!  This couldn't have happened without you.  We did our job convincing the party that Tracy Winkler was entitled to this position.  Between her last name and her decision to hire Jennifer Triantafilou for a job she was completely unqualified for, Tracy earned this appointment.  Tracy is very appreciative of everything we have done.  Now we will get our reward as she serves Hamilton County as well as she's served Green Township.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Winkler's final hurdle

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are so close to making Tracy Winkler our next Hamilton County Clerk of Courts that we can already taste the victory.  Just one more hurdle remains.  On Tuesday the Hamilton County Republican Party Executive Committee meets to make the final decision for the Clerk of Courts.  We can tell you now what will happen.

We are proud to report the exclusive news that Tracy Winkler has already been selected by the Executive Committee in advance of tomorrow's meeting!  The decision has been made that Winkler will win in an overwhelming vote.  We are working to make it unanimous.

This is a fantastic victory for our tax hiking team.  We recognized our star on the rise, Tracy Winkler, and put everything else aside to focus on getting her this position.  We have even postponed naming our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year to focus all our attention on Winkler. 

Tracy is entitled to this appointment!  She is a Winkler.  She hired Alex Triantafilou's wife for a position that she was otherwise unqualified to fill.  She shut down public comments at the Green Township Trustee meetings.  Tracy is owed a favor by the Party Chairman, and tomorrow Tracy officially collects.  Our tax dollars at work!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tax Hiker award delayed

Dear fellow tax hikers, due to our tireless work on behalf of selecting Tracy Winkler for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, we have had to delay the rollout of our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year award.  This is our most prestigious award and we want to make sure that our winner receives all of the recognition that he or she deserves. 

When Winkler is in the spotlight, she takes it all.  It would unfair to our 2011 winner to announce their accomplishment under these circumstances.  Our Tax Hiker of the Year is entitled to the significant recognition that historically accompanies this honor.  However we cannot give this person the attention they deserve while we are working so hard for our Tracy. 

We want all you tax hikers to know that we have selected our winner.  This person is highly deserving of the award.  We know all of you will be just as proud of this person as we are.  We promise, as soon as we complete our work on behalf of Tracy Winkler we will announce our fantastic 2011 winner.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Official Hamilton County GOP Screening Questionnaire

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have received an actual copy of the questionnaire used by the Hamilton County Republican Party to fill the recent vacancy for Clerk of Courts.  We are pleased to reveal this document to all of you.  


Dear applicant, thank you for your interest in becoming the next Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  We have committed to filling this vacancy in a fair, open, and honest manner.  Please complete this fair, open, and honest questionnaire which will be used to determine the winner.

1)  List all the relevant qualifications you possess for this position.
(1 point for each valid answer)

2)  Besides our beloved Chairman, who is our best employee at GOP Headquarters?
A.  Debbie Flammer  (0 points)
B.  Any of the interns  (0 points)
C.  Maggie Nafziger Wuellner  (10 points)

3)  Describe your physical appearance:
A.  Fit  (0 points)
B.  Just a little overweight  (2 points)
C.  Free Willy  (10 points)

4)  Have you recently hired Alex Triantafilou's wife for a government position in which she did not meet the minimum qualifications?
A.  Yes  (100 points)
B.  No  (0 points)

5)  Please indicate your last name: 
A.  Winkler  (100 points)
B.  Other  (0 points)

6)  Have you ever slept with His Honor Ted Winkler?
A.  Yes!  (50 points)
B.  No  (0 points)

Our fair, open, and honest screening committee will meet Wednesday, October 5th to review the answers and make a final recommendation.  Thank you for your interest!

-- Mags

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winkler picked by Selection Committee

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are sure you have heard the great news that Tracy Winkler was officially selected by the Hamilton County Republican Party's insider screening committee to be our next Clerk of Courts.  This is no surprise to you loyal readers, as we announced on Tuesday night that the screening committee had already selected Winkler in advance of their Wednesday meeting. 

Winkler earned this selection.  Winkler hired Alex Triantafilou's wife for a township position that she was completely unqualified for to do a favor for the party boss.  Now she is collecting on that favor.  In addition, Tracy married into the Winkler family.  That alone gives her special privileges that she is exploiting to her full advantage.

This is how politics works - you sell out your integrity for the party boss, and he will sell out his integrity for you.  Things like serving the citizens, saving taxpayer money, and good government don't matter.  It's about getting what yours.  We applaud the Winkler and Triantafilou families for showing us what is important.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tracy Winkler selected Clerk of Courts

Dear fellow tax hikers, on Wednesday the Hamilton County Republican Party's hand-picked Special Screening Committee will be meeting for their fair, open, and honest interview process to select our next Clerk of Courts.  We are delighted to be the first to report that they have already selected Green Township Trustee Tracy Winkler for this important vacancy!  On orders from above, Winkler has won the appointment in a lopsided vote.  They will meet tomorrow to make it official. 

We are proud to be the first Republican organization to endorse Winkler.  We have previously listed her many qualifications for higher office.  This leads us to correct one small mistake in yesterday's blog entry, where we stated that Winkler wasn't qualified for this job.  It is true that Winkler has absolutely zero professional qualifications to be Clerk of Courts.  However she has the qualifications that matter - her last name is Winkler, AND she spends our taxpayer money to hire friends and relatives for township jobs that they are incapable of performing.

Tracy is being rewarded for hiring Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou's wife for a Green Township government job that she was completely unqualified to hold, bypassing many qualified candidates in the process.  We covered this issue extensively in our last entry.  It has also been covered even more extensively by that awful Green Township watchdog Jeffry Smith, who has the complete set of documents at his blog entry.  We encourage all of you to click the link to his site and read them. 

As Clerk of Courts, Winkler will have hundreds of patronage jobs to dole out.  The unemployment rate for the Friends and Family of Tracy will be 0% once she gets rid of those stupid qualified professionals currently working there and replaces them with her gang.

This is how Hamilton County GOP politics works.  Quid pro quo.  Tracy Winkler sacrificed her integrity to do a favor for the party boss.  Tomorrow Alex Triantafilou returns the favor.  Your tax dollars are funding all of this.  We ask everyone to join us in congratulating Tracy Winkler for her selection as Hamilton County's newest Clerk of Courts.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tracy Winkler - The Jennifer Triantafilou Factor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly endorse Green Township Trustee Tracy Winkler for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  We have previously endorsed Winkler for higher office and we stand behind her 100% as she applies to be selected by our Hamilton County Republican Party for this vacancy.  She is going to get this appointment.  One key reason is because of Winkler's key role in hiring Jennifer Triantafilou, who was the wife of GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou, for a Green Township government position she was completely unqualified to hold

Citizen watchdog and candidate for Green Township Trustee Jeffry Smith has compiled extensive documents about this controversial hire at his website.  His website contains an excellent, thorough accounting of this process and we encourage all you tax hikers to read through it.  Among the findings:

- This position required a Bachelor's degree.  Jennifer Triantafilou's highest level of education was completing an Electrocardiography Certificate at Cincinnati State.

- The application deadline was November 9, 2009.  Triantafilou applied on November 20th at the earliest.

- Triantafilou was not selected by the Township Administrator as one of the final four candidates, all of whom were actually qualified for the position.  Yet, Winkler jumped into the process to insist that the unqualified, unrecommended Triantafilou get hired in spite of the presence of the highly qualified applicants. 

Tracy Winkler sold her integrity to get a favor from Alex Triantafilou.  Now it's payback time.

Tracy herself lacks the education, experience, and intelligence to be a solid Clerk of Courts.  But none of that matters.  Winkler hired Triantafilou's wife for a position she was not qualified to hold, and now Alex is going to select Tracy for a job she is unqualified to hold.  This is how it works and we think it's great.  And just think - your tax dollars are paying for all of this.

Tracy Winkler for Clerk of Courts - because qualifications just don't matter.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jason Riveiro campaign sued for non-payment

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are gravely concerned about the inept campaign being run by our ally, pro-streetcar leftist Jason Riveiro.  There are many things a Cincinnati City Council candidate needs to do well.  This hombre isn't doing a single one of them.

With just weeks left before Election Day, credible candidates have raised most of their money and are sitting on a war chest which they will deploy in the final two or three weeks of the campaign.  Sadly, this doesn't describe Riveiro.  At the last campaign finance deadline Riveiro had raised a minimal amount of money.  Even worse, he spent nearly all of it.  The evidence shows his campaign is about broke.

Jason Riveiro and the Riveiro campaign is being sued by a consulting firm for $1700.  We are afraid this reflects poorly on Mr. Riveiro's cash flow.  A campaign that has built up its war chest for the final stretch should be able to make a $1700 payment without getting sued first. 

We are saddened by this news because we like Mr. Riveiro.  We appreciate his support for higher taxes, the streetcar, and illegal immigration.  We will stand with our amigo to the end, but we are afraid he will not be one of the nine standing in the winner's circle.  We encourage his supporters to stand beside him, though we also advise anyone doing business with him to get paid up front and in cash.