Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Donate to the Federal Government

My civil domestic partner and I have spent the last several days, angrily, trying to figure out what to do with the extra money the government let us keep. We know the government needs that money more than we do. So we're gonna put that money where our mouths are.

We are donating the extra $1000 to the federal government to reduce the debt. Those of you who believe as we do that the government needs more money can make it happen! Donate those tax cuts back to the US Treasury.

Follow their instructions carefully. It would be a tragedy if they couldn't accept that money and you were forced to take it back.

We challenge all of our tax and spend supporters to do the same. We know we don't need that money. We know the government needs it badly. We should not keep money we don't deserve. Give it back to the government where it belongs!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chabot cuts middle class taxes

My civil domestic partner and I just completed our taxes. This is normally our favorite part of the year but not this time. Our tax bill was $1000 less than we thought it would be and we are extremely upset about it! The government needs that money more than we do.

We blame Congressman Steve Chabot for supporting tax cuts for millions of middle class taxpayers like us. It is our patriotic duty to make sure the government has all the money it wants, and Chabot's duty to make sure it happens. Instead Chabot has supported tax cuts and credits to help us keep our money from the government.

We are very upset about this and are thinking about what to do with this extra money. Call Steve Chabot and tell him to raise our taxes so this doesn't happen again.