Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rick Bryan stands firm against the disabled

Dear fellow tax hikers, Rick Bryan and his Blue Ash Council Comrades continue their excellent work against disabled children.  They are all-in to keep a girl from her service animal

Resisting calls to put an end to the showdown and let a 13 year-old girl keep her miniature service horse, our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan and the rest of Blue Ash government is doubling down.  In the latest court drama, Blue Ash is refusing to compromise, instead seeking to dismiss the discrimination lawsuit against them. 

We have previously urged the courts to dismiss this silly lawsuit.  Blue Ash was right to force this service animal's removal.  Handicapped people need to know their proper place when living in Blue Ash.

We applaud Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan for spending the city's time and money on this important mission.  And we condemn Jonathan Dever for taking the side of a disabled child against the government.  We urge Ricky to keep up the good work.  This is why we need big government.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crystal Faulkner adores Chris Seelbach

Dear fellow tax hikers, welcome to the 3rd Edition of.....The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  If there's one thing MS. Faulkner can't stand, it's when conservative Republicans get elected to Cincinnati City Council. 

To stop the Republicans dead in their tracks, Crystal Faulkner Cooney was happy to donate $500 to liberal Democrat Chris Seelbach to help him get re-elected in 2013. 

By supporting Chris Seelbach instead of giving that money to Republicans, MS. Faulkner confirmed her support for:

- Seelbach's gay agenda
- more Cincinnati streetcars
- Seelbach's gay agenda
- Responsible Bidder
- Seelbach's gay agenda
- refusing to let the public vote on the Mallory/Qualls parking plan
- Seelbach's gay agenda
- gun control
- Seelbach's gay agenda
- abortion on demand
- Seelbach's gay agenda

These are the Republican values we look for in our endorsed candidates.  If this is your agenda too, then please join us in supporting Crystal Faulkner for Republican Central Committee. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Micah Kamrass honors Melowese Richardson

Dear fellow tax hikers, recently we attended a fabulous event with State Representative candidate Micah Kamrass and many others to urge the passage of the Voters' Bill of Rights.  It was a privilege to be in the same room with Alicia Reece and keynote speaker Reverend Al Sharpton.  And you could have seen the tears in our eyes when Reverend Sharpton and Bishop Bobby Hilton honored convicted felon Melowese Richardson and the indicted Tracie Hunter. 

Some say this was a clumsy move, but we believe it is appropriate to use a woman convicted of felony vote fraud to show that we need less oversight of our voting process.

Sadly, many Republicans and even some Democrats have condemned the decision to honor Melowese.  But young Master Kamrass isn't one of them.  Micah has refused to condemn Melowese or the decision to embrace her, and for that we are proud. 

If you disagree with Reverend Sharpton, then you support voter suppression.  We do not believe any of Melowese Richardson's votes should be suppressed. 

We urge you to support this Voters' Bill of Rights Amendment so that Melowese and her friends can continue to vote as many times as they'd like.  Micah Kamrass, and his friends Al Sharpton and Melowese Richardson, would approve. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crystal Faulkner hearts Mark Mallory

Democrats Crystal Faulkner and Roxanne Qualls collaborate

Dear fellow tax hikers, we welcome you to our 2nd Edition of........ The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  Back in 2009, MS. Faulkner understood the importance of stopping conservative Brad Wenstrup in his tracks.

To accomplish this important goal, Crystal Faulkner proudly supported and donated to Democratic Mayor Mark Mallory.  With Crystal's support, Mallory defeated Wenstrup to earn a 2nd term as Mayor where he continued to do great things for Cincinnati.

By sticking it to Wenstrup and helping re-elect Mallory, Faulkner reiterated her support for:

- streetcars
- higher taxes
- abortion on demand
- the brilliant Mallory/Qualls parking plan
- responsible bidder
- "marriage equality" for gays, polygamists, and incestors
- the big $4 million atrium

These are the kind of values we Republicans hold dear.  This is why we at Republicans for Higher Taxes have endorsed Crystal Faulkner for Ohio Republican State Central Committee. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Misleading flyer attacks Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, we condemn the inaccurate flyer circulating around the 28th Ohio House District that seeks to impugn the great record of our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan

This offensive flyer stated, "Rick Bryan wants to lower our taxes!"

Baloney!  When has Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan ever wanted to lower our taxes?  Rick has been a very reliable tax-and-spend Republican during his entire 19-year political career.  We will not sit by and allow outsiders to falsely portray Rick as some conservative.

Rick's record of being a big government Republican shall not be challenged:

1.  Rick endorsed and voted to raise Blue Ash's Earnings Tax by 25%.  Blue Ash Council recently announced this tax hike would be made permanent.  After all, their $75 million (and counting) park won't pay for itself. 

2.  Rick teamed up with David Pepper, Todd Portune, and Marc Dann to endorse a huge 15 year, $777 million Sales Tax increase for Hamilton County.  Sadly, this tax hike failed at the ballot box.

3.  Rick strongly supported the re-election of Hamilton County's greatest Commissioner ever, Bob Bedinghaus.  Rick cited Bob's excellent work on the stadiums as a key reason to give him 4 more years.

4.  Rick courageously fought local conservatives by having Blue Ash City Council help fund the Cincinnati Streetcar.  We need more streetcars in Ohio, and Rick is just the guy to get them built.

5.  Voted with a unanimous Blue Ash City Council to endorse the tax increase which more than doubled the Hotel/Motel Tax in Hamilton County.  This tax increase was pushed by Virgil Lovitt, sponsored by Jean Schmidt, and signed into law by Bob Taft - a legendary trio of tax hikers. 

We have a message for you outsiders.  Don't come to Southwest Ohio and spread falsehoods against our tax-and-spend allies.  We will be here to set the record straight every time. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Melowese Richardson is free!

Dear fellow tax hikers, our favorite Democratic vote fraudster Melowese Richardson is free!  She was initially sentenced to 5 years in jail, but you see, Melowese has decided she has a "mental illness" and can no longer take responsibility for her crimes.  Prosecutor Joe Deters and Judge Robert Ruehlman quickly went for it and ordered her release.

Fellow Democrat Crystal Faulkner approves of this decision and looks forward to earning Melowese's 7 votes in the upcoming primary. 

We have a confession.  Every single one of us behind Republicans for Higher Taxes is mentally ill too.  We tax hikers are sick, sick people. 

Therefore we will not go to jail for any crimes we may commit in the future due to our horrible mental illnesses.  Because we are mentally ill, we cannot take any responsibility for the bad things we might choose to do. 

We encourage all you tax hikers to embrace your own special mental illness.  You deserve your own Get Out of Jail Free Card too, just like Melowese Richardson. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Democratic Donor Crystal Faulkner

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to publicly introduce an important ally to our tax-and-spend movement - Democratic Donor Crystal Faulkner Cooney.  Crystal has emerged as an important donor for Democratic politicians seeking to oust our conservative enemies.

This background makes MS. Faulkner a perfect fit for the Ohio Republican State Central Committee.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly endorse Crystal Faulkner Cooney in her run for State Central Committee.

To assist MS. Faulkner, we are introducing a new feature for the rest of this primary season.  We are proud to bring to you.....The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  Each week we will profile a financial contribution from MS. Faulkner to one of her deserving Democrats.

This week's Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week is our good friend David Pepper.  Pepper is a great tax-and-spend liberal who this site has proudly supported for 7 years.  Crystal Faulkner Cooney has supported him too.

When Democrat David A. Pepper was running for State Auditor to defeat Republican Dave Yost, MS. Faulkner gave $1000 to Pepper on July 30, 2010.

We applaud Crystal Faulkner Cooney for her dedication to electing great tax-and-spend Democrats.  We believe this makes her a highly-qualified addition to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

GOP refuses to endorse 3 conservative lawmakers

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very happy to report that our Ohio Republican Party (ORP) refused to endorse three evil conservative Republican State Representatives for re-election.  Normally the ORP automatically endorses all its incumbents, but something had to be done to send a message to conservatives that they aren't welcome anymore. 

The three unendorsed lawmakers are Southwest Ohio Reps Ron Maag and John Becker, along with Ron Hood who conducts his treachery elsewhere in the state.  They are more devoted to their constituents and conservative principles than they are to the political machine and Statehouse lobbyists.  And for that, they must be punished. 

The Ohio House GOP Caucus requested to the ORP that these three not be endorsed.  They did recommend that State Rep. Peter Beck, who is under indictment on 69 felony charges, receive the endorsement.  That makes sense to us.

If Beck was indicted for 70 or 71 felonies we might have had a problem, but as long as he's a 69er we'll be with him. 

However our ORP Chairman Matt Borges, himself a convicted criminal with numerous tax liens, decided that Beck should not be endorsed.  You know, maybe we were wrong to support Beck.  Thank goodness we have Chairman Borges to serve as our moral authority.  Either way, we are very proud of the Republican Party for putting conservatives in their place.