Monday, July 27, 2015


Dear fellow tax hikers, we realize it's been 11 days since our last post.  Call it a summer break.

So we will catch you up on everything that's happened since we took a vacation:

- Donald Trump
- Hillary Clinton



Mrs. Hillary Rodent Clinton said...

My poll numbers look worse than I do, but I need all you good, loving Democrats to stand with me. I ain't no ways tired. I ain't no ways weak. I ain't no ways quittin' now.

I am the inevitable Democratic nominee. It's my turn to be President. I am entitled to win this race and that's what I will do.

Sent from my personal server.

Princess Margaret said...

I've been able to avoid all those fat, smelly, disgusting inbred west siders all summer so that is a win for me!

Alex T Mall Cop GOP said...

No sense in getting out in front early like Trump has done. Just take it easy until the very end when the voters start to finally pay attention. That's what I've always told the candidates closest to me at least.

Goofball Greg Insco said...

Hey everyone I haven't gotten my share of attention this summer. Screw Hillary and Donald. It's my turn to get back in the spotlight as I launch another shot at Colerain Township Trustee. My momentum stalled ever since that rock stunt but I've been cooking something up. Just you wait. It's going to be great. It's going to be better than when my alias was fishing for a candidate for fiscal officer to run with me. I had to take that group secret and block a few folks when that stunt was discovered. Oh wait. I am so awesome I never block anyone. It's those hateful losers who always block me, the world's best Zumba instructor.

Taylor Stepp the next State Repp said...

You guys are wrong. The top 2 stories this month, in the following order, are:
1) Micah Kamrass
2) John Kasich

Last year I thought I could support Kamrass without anyone noticing, but boy was I wrong. I also thought he would defeat that heinous creature Dever, but I was totally wrong about that too. You have no idea how much I want to throw up every time I pass Dever in the halls of the State House. Same goes for those other loser Republicans from Hamilton County.

The only Republican I can stand is John Kasich, and that's because he grows government and endorses Democrats with the same vigor as me. Oh yeah, I forgot to say my boss is cool too. Soon enough I'll be in his shoes, and then I'll finally be able to move the GOP as far left as my idol Kamrass is.