Monday, October 26, 2009

Connie Pillich spreads high tax cheer

Dear fellow tax hikers, last year we were distraught at the election of Connie Pillich over our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. With Virg's excellent record of raising taxes, we were certain that his loss represented a major setback for our tax-and-spend movement. We are now writing to say that we were wrong. Connie Pillich has become an outstanding tax increaser. Her tax-hiking and fee-hiking skills are almost as solid as Virgil Lovitt's himself. Consider Mrs. Pillich's outstanding record:

- Earlier this year Mrs. Pillich supported a budget plan that raised fees on Ohioans by $1.5 billion. We are in agreement with our great Governor Ted Strickland, who stated, "I think higher fees are higher taxes." We concur, higher taxes and higher fees are one in the same, and we applaud Connie for voting with Strickland to raise our fees.

- These fee increases were needed when Mrs. Pillich voted to give $3.1 million to The Freedom Center. How else could such important programs have been funded in a tight budget year? We applaud Connie for recognizing an essential government subsidy when she sees it.

- Mrs. Pillich not only endorsed the Sycamore Schools Property Tax levy that we also endorsed, she went the extra step of placing a pro-tax sign in her yard.

- Last week Mrs. Pillich joined with Governor Ted Strickland, her fellow House Democrats, and great Republican leader Matt Dolan to raise Ohio's Income Tax by $900 million! This is a fantastic idea to ensure the government gets to spend our money instead of us.

- Late last month, Mrs. Pillich took the unprecented step of endorsing a tax increase outside of her ballot area!
Pillich did offer her support for the Winton Woods levy, and told board member John Pennycuff she would help in any way she could.
We strongly applaud Connie for traveling to other people's school districts to tell them why they should support higher taxes! The voters of the Winton Woods School District have rejected this big property tax increase no less than 4 consecutive times. Now they are trying for the fifth time to pass a 7.9 mill levy. Mrs. Pillich does not live or work in the Winton Woods School District but wants to tell them how to vote anyways. Pillich not only supports higher taxes for her own area, she believes that higher taxes should be spread everywhere.

Connie Pillich. Spreading high tax cheer. Making our paychecks disappear. Great job Connie!


Virgil Lovitt said...

Wow this is great news! If I knew Connie would be this great I wouldn't have run against her, I would have endorsed her.

Bob Taft said...

Connie Pillich is my kind of Republican

Alex T said...

You know, Pillich comes from the Greek word Pillokopolous, which means man who make pills for sick goats.