Monday, July 18, 2011

David Linnenberg for State Representative

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are beaming with pride to endorse tax-and-spend Republican David Linnenberg for State Representative.  Linnenberg was the Volunteer Coordinator for the successful Stadium Sales Tax increase that has provided Mike Brown with a free stadium and many millions in subsidies at taxpayer expense, and he has supported several other necessary tax increases over the years.  With his proven record of raising taxes, Stadium Dave Linnenberg is without question the top choice to represent us in Columbus.  

The stakes are too high to get this wrong.  Governor John Kasich is doing a terrible job for Ohio.  We will never forgive him for closing an $8 billion shortfall without raising taxes!  Where were our legislative Republicans to insist on the tax increases that all Ohioans deserve?  We badly need a qualified tax hiker like Stadium Dave to infiltrate the Republican Caucus and undermine Governor Kasich's limited government agenda. 

When Bob Bedinghaus, Tom Neyer, and Roxanne Qualls said it was time to raise taxes for Mike Brown, Stadium Dave enthusiastically joined them in taking a key leadership role to get this tax hike passed.  Hasn't that worked out so well for county taxpayers?  We need Stadium Dave to do for Ohio what he has done to Hamilton County. 

This is not to say that Stadium Dave is the only qualified candidate in this race.  Tracy Winkler would also make a fine State Representative.  Tracy possesses several important qualifications:  1) Her last name is Winkler;  2) She lives in Green Township;  3) She's married to a Winkler;  4) Her mother-in-law was a State Rep;  5) Her last name is Winkler. 

Winkler is good, but Stadium Dave is great.  Stadium Dave's leadership in passing the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Sales Tax sets him a cut above the rest.  If it wasn't for Stadium Dave, we might not be paying higher taxes to Mike Brown today and that would be tragic.  Due to his expertise at raising our taxes, we proudly endorse Stadium Dave Linnenberg for State Representative.


Mike Brown said...

I proudly endorse Linnenberg. He has been great to me.

Alex T said...

You know, even though "stadium" is a Latin word, the Greeks invented it.

No more Winklers said...

Tracy Winkler's IQ is 1/10 of her body weight.

Angry George Vincent said...

I can't believe Dave backed out of this race. I was looking forward to using my influence over him in his full-time position to force him to support such great initiatives as the cincinnati streetcar. Well, there's always Tracy!