Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mike Brown rebuffed

Dear fellow tax hikers, a grave injustice occurred at today's Hamilton County Commissioners meeting.  Bengals Owner Mike Brown wants $300,000 to upgrade the stadium's instant replay system and he didn't get it!  We are disgusted by this development.

The Bengals only earned $49 million last year, good for 5th in the NFL.  That's not enough.  Mike Brown needs more and we're going to make sure he gets it.  When the Bengals want something, it is the duty of all Hamilton County taxpayers to provide.

We don't care that the current instant replay system still works.  We don't care that the NFL is under a lockout and that there may not be a season next year.  We want to spend $300,000 to replace a system that isn't broken and may not be used for years.  Don't you?

We applaud County Commissioner Greg Hartmann for his support of this deal.  Tax Hike Hartmann endorsed this spending plan, defended it against the unfair criticism, and he expected it to pass.  Tax Hike Hartmann did not throw in the towel until those conservative Commissioners Todd Portune and Chris Monzel announced they would not support this expenditure.  This will change.  Your money is Mike Brown's money and he is going to get it.


Leslie Ghiz said...

If it was me on the Commission instead of Monzel or Portune, that motion would have passed. Mike Brown is entitled to that money.

Todd said...

Damn I look good. People really believe I am more conservative that ol' Tax Hike Hartmann. Even the Tea Party nuts think he is a tax raiser.

Gee wiz. We don't need to make a deal to prevent a competitive race next year, that guy isn't even liked by his own party and will never beat one of our candidates. We might even be able to get Eve Bolton on here.

Mr. Cruella Mike Brown said...

You bastards will pay me one way or another! Your money is my money.