Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who pays Roxanne Qualls' Taxes?

Dear fellow tax hikers, our investigative prowess has uncovered more exciting information about our tax-hiking Goddess Roxanne Qualls.  We have always loved her because of her intense efforts to raise taxes on everyone and everything, from sports stadiums to streetcars to shiny new jails and everything in-between. 

Even as she is forever busy raising taxes, we have learned that Roxanne manages to avoid paying her fair share of local taxes.  So who *is* paying her taxes???  YOU are!

Roxy owns a Lytle Place condo in downtown Cincinnati valued at $287,470.  Yet she only pays taxes on $37,000 of it.  87% of this property is tax-abated.  This results in Qualls paying significantly less towards local levies and assessments than anyone else in a $287k property.  For example, Roxanne will pay a whopping $11.24 this year for the Senior Services levy, when she should be paying $87.  But this is no problem - the rest of you get to make up the difference. 

When Roxanne Qualls says *we* need to pay more taxes, what she really means is: YOU need to pay more taxes.  She sure ain't paying. 

Another highly important figure living in this building, and receiving the same sweetheart tax deal, is City Council candidate Mike Moroski.  Moroski, btw, happens to be an avid reader of this blog.  Moroski lives in a $430,000 condo but pays taxes as if he was living in a $37,000 hut.  The rest of you get to pay that $393,000 difference.

Moroski often likes to say that he'd be happy to pay higher taxes.  What he means by that is - he'll be happy to have YOU pay higher taxes for him.  His money goes to far more important things than paying his share of local taxes.

We applaud all of you, our loyal readers, for your willingness to pay higher taxes so that Roxanne Qualls doesn't have to pay hers.  And there are still so many more taxes to raise.  You will continue to pay more so Qualls can pay less.


Alex T Mall Cop GOP said...

Oh, who cares about phony scandals like these? The Cardinals are in town for an EPIC battle with the Reds.'s not like we have a candidate for mayor, or enough candidates for council to make much of a difference anyway.

And... one of those donors who helps keep the lights on and helps us maintain our excellent staff who do all kinds of hard work for Republican candidates across the whole county is probably getting one of these sweetheart deals too.

Probably best to keep my mouth shut. Just like always.

Mike Moronski said...

How dare you say this about us! This is a promulgation of hate! Just for that I'm going to write another 28 paragraph diatribe against this blog.

Welfare for the Rich said...

Wait, but MSNBC told me it's Republicans who take money from the middle class to cut taxes for the rich.

Ricky Schroeder Moronski said...

Anyone wonder how Mike Moronski, who formerly was a low-paid assistant at a catholic high school and currently is unemployed, can afford a $430,000 condo? Could it be that this champion of economic equality is nothing more than a spoiled trust-fund baby?

Mr. Moronski, when your mommy and daddy gave you the money for a half million dollar condo did they tell you that you'd be sneaking out of taxes to help the elderly, school children, the zoo, those with developmental disabilities, and those who are indigent and need healthcare?

Next time you rail about the evil rich not paying their fair share just look in the mirror. The grown man in a backwards hat looking back at you with the silver spoon in his mouth is the one screwing the less fortunate.

Hypocrisy Watch said...

I love seeing all these Republican voters in Cincinnati embracing John Cranley, the candidate who has taken over $30,000 from liberal-agenda-funding billionaire George Soros, the same George Soros who funds the organizations that attack Republicans. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Courthouse Confidential said...

As a public service to the person or persons behind this blog, please check out and find something useful and productive to do with your life.

Tax Cheat Matt Borges said...

This is a great idea! What didn't I think of this?

Republican Leaders at ORP said...

Good choice, Alex. Whatever you do, never mention any Democrat scandals,incompetence, or corruption. We will never beat the Democrats in an election by discussing their record in office. What you need to do is try to win over more Latinos to our party. Maybe you guys could hold an amnesty rally, or donate a lot of funds to La Raza?

Super Duper Trooper said...

The Republican Party needs to be friendlier to gay people. So don't criticize Chris Seelbach's streetcar and don't criticize Roxanne Qualls' tax breaks.

Princess Margaret said...

How dare this blog criticize the residents of Lytle Place! That's one of the most fashionable addresses in all of Cincinnati! You fat, smelly, disgusting, inbred west siders are just jealous you don't have any cool digs to party in!!!

P-Ridge Bluto said...

Just took a minute to look at Mike Moronski's twitter feed. His bio says he's "a voice for the voiceless" and has "a history of embracing economic morality".

F'ing hypocrite. Hey Mike, the voiceless senior citizens, school children, and developmentally disabled called and want you to stuff your special brand of economic morality. Pay your fair share you spoiled rich deadbeat!

I believe that the Republican candidates for Council are going to get destroyed (besides Winburn), but one thing I am looking forward to is never having to hear from this self-absorbed, hypocritical a-hole ever again after he finishes way out of the money. Loser.

Joe Biden said...

Ms. Qualls and Mr. Moronski,

Pay your fair share. Paying taxes is a patriotic duty. (except for our Cabinet Members)

College Hill Chump said...

I don't care if Roxanne Qualls pays her taxes or not. What matters is that she cares about people like me. That's the important thing. Also, I always make sure I vote straight Democrat. I wouldn't ever want the Republicans to ruin our great city of Cincinnati the way they ruined Detroit, that's for sure.