Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blue Ash Council ponders huge apartment complex

Dear fellow tax hikers, more good news out of Blue Ash as we have received word that their City Council is preparing to approve a zoning change that clears the way for another huge apartment complex in their fine city.  We fully endorse this plan.  There is nothing that makes a suburban community great like more apartment complexes.  With any luck, some of these units might even become Section 8. 

This project is opposed by Blue Ash Mayor Mark Weber.  Whatever you do, please do not read Mayor Weber's editorial criticizing this plan

His editorial informs us that Blue Ash housing is already 20% apartment rentals, and with this project and another big one recently approved that number would climb to 28%.  By comparison, neighbors Evendale and Montgomery are at just 3.6% and 8.1% rental.  We think these numbers should be even higher.

We call on our good friend, Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan, to once again fight off Mayor Weber.  Councilman Bryan was our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year, and since then has done nothing but make us proud.  For example, when Mayor Weber and some of our anti-tax enemies opposed Blue Ash's plan to help fund the Cincinnati streetcar, it was Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan who stepped in and fended them off, leading the Cincinnati streetcar to a 6-1 victory in Blue Ash City Council. 

We need our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan to step up and show this great leadership again.  While Blue Ash is already great, we need Rick to make the rest of Council understand that more rental units is what will take them to the next step.  And don't forget - more residents means MORE TAXES!  We call on Blue Ash City Council to approve this plan Thursday night. 


Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

This is a fantastic idea! More people, more taxes. But I don't know if I can afford to vote for it now that I'm running for State Representative. I already have enough tax increases and bad government votes to have to explain to the silly conservative primary voters.

Princess Margaret said...

You people on Blue Ash City Council must put a stop to this ugliness at once!!! It would be intolerable to have this so close to Kenwood.

What are you people thinking???????

Do you really want a bunch of fat, smelly, inbred disgusting west siders moving in to your community???????????????????

Courthouse Confidential said...

You're not fooling anyone by your sudden focus on downtown and Blue Ash. Maybe you got turned down for a job over in Blue Ash, and that's why you're taking it out on them. The unemployed loser behind this blog should just give it up already.

Suburban Sorehead said...

Once again "Courthouse Confidential" is trying to steer this off topic with her passive-agressive games to insinuate who is behind this blog.

The next time "Courthouse Confidential" has some free time on her hands, she should look under "2007" on the right-hand side of this blog and see how, why and where this blog got its origins.

Our gay-marriage-supporting friend from Green Township may learn that this blog has never been all about the western suburbs and, try as she might, most people with half a brain aren't falling for her silly con.

Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

How does opposing this project help our party improve its messaging and its outreach to young voters, women voters, Hispanic and Latino voters, and gay voters?

Please make sure that this project includes an abortion clinic, or free office space for a gun-control group, or that the project owners make a large contribution to La Raza or the Human Rights Campaign Fund. Be sure to invite as many abortion supporters and immigrants to the grand opening and try to book the Village People for the big welcoming block party.

Everyone has to do their part to change the message of the Republican Party to be more tolerant and inclusive towards the people who hate and viciously attack everything we stand for.

It's the only way we can win elections, you know.

Vince's "BIG in SYCAMORE" Wallace said...

I still don't know what the hell is going on. Is it time to retire again yet?

Alex T Mall Cop GOP said...

The Blue Ash City Council is full of great Republican visionaries like Rick Bryan and Lee Czerwonka and a few other people I can only name when they remember to sign in at political events.

We're trying our best to keep the lights on and the doors open here at Republican Headquarters and keep our incredibly dedicated staff paid as well. So I can't offend any of our donors, any of whom might be a potential contractor, or who might do business with a potential contractors, or who might have married into one of the contractor's families.

Probably best to keep quiet. Like always.

Roxanne Qualls and Mike Moronski said...

Will this property be tax-abated?

Mr. A. Ciafardingi said...

Gosh. I hope COAST and those crazy Tea Party people don't find out that I'm helping Tax Hikin' Rick with his state rep race.

Suck it Rick Bryan said...

Hahaha suckers - Blue Ash Council voted against it 4-3! Voting in favor was Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, Jim Sumner, and Stephanie Stoller.

Rick Bryan you piece of shit, we're going to remember this one when you run for State Representative next year.

Quadruple Dipper said...

Can you please do a story on Vince Wallace's effort to collect FOUR salaries from taxpayers.
1) Double dipping retirement pension
2) Double dipping fake job with Tracy Winkler
3) Special Deputy with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office
4) Symmes Fiscal Officer (keep your fingers crossed)