Monday, December 22, 2014

Expand the streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are finally getting our streetcar in Cincinnati!  But we can't stop there.  As we have editorialized for years, we need a network of streetcars and we need a Streetcar Tax to fund it.

We applaud the Believe in Cincinnati Ryan Messer PAC for pursuing those next steps.  Last week us pro-streetcar forces gathered to tell the City of Cincinnati that we want the streetcar expanded.

And we brought some added firepower as we were joined by some dude named Ozie Davis, AND The University of Cincinnati Student Government President Christina Beer.  You know there are few political forces on this planet more potent than a Student Government President.  Our favorite candidate of 2014 Micah Kamrass would back us 100%. 

We find it fitting that The UC Student Government President's last name is "Beer".  It made for a perfect campaign.  It's impossible to lose an election on UC's campus when all you have to do is tell people to Vote for Beer. 

We're getting a streetcar.  And we're getting drunk.  Let's keep a great thing going.  More Streetcar More Beer! 


Skinny Jeans for Progress said...

We fully support a network of streetcars! Our favorite article of clothing precludes driving, so this would enable us to pursue jobs ANYWHERE.

Truly, the Cincinnati Chamber should be 100% behind this. Imagine the wage suppression as we flood the market. Coffee shops, Hookah bars, Gastropubs, and bookstores would be able to lower prices for everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

We just need to accept the fact that the streetcar, expanded or not, will be a transformative and defining event much like the return of Christ, the streetcar will pave the way for our salvation. Long live the streetcar, deliver us from urban doldrums and political ineptitude!

Greed Township Republicans said...

Can you use the streetcar to deport those nasty people in Colerain?

State Rep. Micah Kamrass said...

I can vouch that being a Student Government President makes you a superior political player than everyone else. I can't wait to see the streetcar expand all the way to Uptown, and eventually into my childhood home Blue Ash.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

Maybe I can lead a ballot issue for the streetcar. Raising taxes is about the only political success I've ever had.