Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michelle Schneider's Sales Tax increase

Dear fellow tax hikers, the last time we posted we promised to start analyzing Michelle Schneider's excellent record in the State House as she attempts to be selected to the State Senate vacancy. Today we will start with Governor Bob Taft's landmark tax increase that Michelle proudly supported.

When Governor Taft demanded that the State Legislature raise its Sales Tax by 20%, he knew he could count on our Michelle Schneider to vote yes. With this money, the state was able to give millions in taxpayer subsidies to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, as well as numerous other earmarks and pet projects around the state. This huge tax increase allowed Ohio to grow it's budget by over 10%. The alternate was unthinkable - the state budget would barely grow and they would have to limit their spending.

Michelle Schneider held firm and proudly voted for Bob Taft's big Sales Tax increase. With this vote Michelle solidified her credentials as a tax-and-spend Republican and tax-hiking leader. When Republicans are faced with the choice of raising taxes and spending or living within their means, our party must always go with the tax hikes. We are the tax and spend party. When we raise taxes, we have more money to bribe the voters to support us. We are proud to support Michelle Schneider as she continues to advocate for the Bob Taft policies that have served our state so well.


Virgil Lovitt said...

As your readers know, not only have I endorsed Sales Tax increases, I've also endorsed property tax increases, income tax increases, and hotel/motel tax increases. Michelle Schneider and I both believe that we continually seek ways to raise taxes on our constituents.

Because of our pro-tax ideology, I have proudly joined with other tax-and-spenders to endorse Michelle Schneider for the State Senate. I know that she will be an even greater tax hiker in the State Senate than she was in the State House. Let's go raise some taxes!

Mary Ann Christie said...

With a ercord like that on taxes I have no choice but to proudly endorse her, even if she is pro-life.

Anonymous said...

How can the likes of Alex Triantafilou and Kevin DeWine promise us that they're going to return our party to our fiscally conservative ways, then continue to promote big government Republicans to represent us? These party leaders need to understand that we're not going to follow them if they can't be trusted to keep their word.

Rick Bryan said...

Michelle Schneider is my kind of tax hiker. I love raising taxes and so does she. Where can I sign up to endorse her?

Alex T. said...

You know the Greeks first came up with the idea of hiking taxes.