Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michelle Schneider's Gasoline Tax increase

One of our favorite tax increases occurred a few years ago under our great Governor Bob Taft. During the early part of this decade, Bob Taft and Jean Schmidt felt gas prices were too low and they wanted to do something about it. That gave birth to Ohio's enormous 27% Gas Tax increase. We applaud Bob Taft, Michelle Schneider, and Jean Schmidt for supporting this necessary tax hike.

Because of our Michelle Schneider, Ohio's motorist get to pay more taxes to the government every single time they fill up their pumps. In fact, me and my civil domestic partner took a trip recently and we were overjoyed with pride when we filled our tank at an Ohio gas station. We are delighted to send more money to Ted Strickland each time we run low on the gas.

When you think of higher gas prices, think of Michelle Schneider.

We have proudly endorsed Michelle Schneider for the State Senate and have urged our fellow tax-and-spend Senate Republicans to appoint her now to the vacancy. Michelle was a valuable voice and a valuable vote to increase gasoline prices in the State House. We think she can raise them even more in the Senate. Michelle Schneider for State Senate.


High Tax Adamec said...

Does this mean our school district has to pay higher taxes to fuel our buses?

If so, count me in support.

Diane Adamec

Mean Jean Schmidt said...

I also voted for this great tax hike. Us tax-and-spend women know we have to stick together.

Anonymous said...

Looks like yet another tax-and-spend Republican who we should be fazing out of public life, not promoting so they can continue ruining our party's image.

Alex T. said...

You know, the Greeks invented gasoline.