Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anti-tax Democrat to challenge Schmidt

Dear fellow tax hikers, we now know that our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt will likely face an anti-tax Democrat in the 2010 elections. State Representative Todd Book has announced that he will challenge our favorite Stan Chesley Republican.

Schmidt has proven herself to be one of the greatest tax-and-spend Republicans we have ever had. Schmidt voted for Bob Taft's Sales Tax hike. She voted to raise Ohio's Gas taxes by 27% when gas prices fell too low. She worked closely with Virgil Lovitt to pass legislation allowing Cincinnati and Hamilton County to more than double their hotel/motel taxes.

Most importantly, Schmidt stood with Barack Obama and George Bush to proudly support an $800 billion bailout for the rich folk on Wall Street. Schmidt understood that it's unfair for the upper class to be responsible for the downside of the big risks they take if they fail. This legislation was needed to save our economy, keep unemployment from growing, and prevent a recession. And boy, hasn't it worked great? We applaud Jean Schmidt, George Bush, and Barack Obama for the great economic leadership they have showed this country during tough times.

Todd Book does not have such a stellar record. In fact, when we tax hikers needed him most he voted against us. When Ohio was facing trouble, Governor Bob Taft demanded that the Legislature raise the Sales Tax from 5% to 6%. Jean Schmidt didn't have to be told twice. But Rep. Book voted no! He had the nerve to vote against raising our Sales Tax. This Sales Tax hike was the key component of the Taft/Schmidt agenda which has remade Ohio into a strong economic powerhouse.

Jean Schmidt has proven herself as a fantastic tax increaser and big spender. Todd Book has refused to support the tax increases and spending hikes that have made our economy what it is today. Because of this, we plan on supporting Schmidt once again and encourage everyone to oppose Book.


Virgil Lovitt said...

My good friend Jean Schmidt deserves all of our support. I worked closely with Jean to raise those hotel taxes so that my Sharonville could get more tax dollars. If you're a Republican and you need a tax increase, Jean has always been a go-to girl for us. She is one of the great tax hikers of our time.

Book must be stopped. These damn anti-tax Republicans are bad enough. A Democrat who opposes higher taxes would be unmistakably tragic.

Those of us who love tax hikes know to stand behind Schmidt.

R voting for Book said...

Maybe Schmidt's tax-hiking credentials will gain her some liberal votes. With Book's low tax record, you can expect that COAST and their followers will vote for him. Book is also pro-gun. He's going to pick up a lot of Republican votes. If Republicans nominate Schmidt, how does she deal with the defections from her own base?

Alex T. said...

You know, the Greeks invented books.

Jean Schmidt said...

Thank you all so much for your support! I'm very proud of all the taxes I raised in the Legislature and the spending pigouts I continue to vote for in Congress. I strive every single day to make you and your readers proud of me.

We're going to take care of this Book guy. He refused to join me in voting for Bob Taft's tax increases and for that he must pay.

Governor Bob Taft said...

Please come out and support my good friend Jean Schmidt. When I was in charge in Ohio we didn't need Democrats to raise taxes. I had Jeanie by my side the entire way!