Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michelle Schneider for State Senate

Fellow tax hikers,

We are delighted to announce our latest endorsement, one which will bring back some desperately needed momentum to our side after COAST shocked the world with it's packed fundraiser featuring John Kasich and Mary Taylor. With no lengthy debate needed, Republicans for Higher Taxes is proud to endorse Michelle Schneider for State Senate. Schneider has compiled an astounding record of supporting higher taxes and more spending, and brings to the table as impressive of a pro-tax record as Bob Taft, Jean Schmidt, and Tax Hikers of the Year Bill Seitz and Virgil Lovitt.

We want everyone to review the Schneider record for themselves:

1. Provided a crucial vote, along with Jean Schmidt, to pass Bob Taft's Sales Tax Hike.

2. Voted for Bob Taft's Gas Tax Hike, raising Ohio's gas taxes by 27%.

3. Voted for the Bob Taft/Jean Schmidt/Virgil Lovitt Hotel/Motel Tax Hike, more than doubling Hamilton County's taxes.

4. Proudly voted to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on The Freedom Center.

5. Supported the Simon Leis Sales Tax hike.

We know that Michelle will make an excellent tax-and-spend addition to the Ohio State Senate. We give her our highest possible endorsement, and warn anyone else interested in running not to cross us. We feel so strongly about Michelle that we are helping to organize a huge fundraiser for her next week, one that will be so large it will eclipse the recent COAST event. Stay tuned for details. For now, pass the word that Republicans for Higher Taxes strongly backs Michelle Schneider for State Senate.


Sweaty Betty Montgomery said...

My Michelle was one of my favorite legislators while I was in Columbus representing Tom Noe, I mean the people. She voted for all those Taft tax increases I endorsed.

And she was my #1 gal to go out eating with. We were legendary diners at the local buffet. We thought, what sense is there wasting all those calories walking back and forth from the table to the buffet and back, so we just ate right at the buffet.

- Betty

taxpayer said...

I wish you two fat cows were half as protecting of taxpayer dollars as you are at protecting all the calories you gorge.