Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mark Quarry - Tax Hiker on the Rise

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight we profile one of our strongest up-and-coming tax hikers, Silverton City Councilman Mark Quarry. Despite being an irrelevant small-town Councilman in a city nobody even wants to drive through much less visit, Quarry has caught notice from tax hikers in both parties as he has grown into a strong tax-hiking advocate. Consider the Quarry record:

- Proudly endorsed Issue 27, a $777 million Sales Tax hike brought to us by David Pepper, Todd Portune, and Simon Leis.

- A great Republican, Quarry endorsed Democrat Todd Portune for County Commissioner and even co-hosted a fundraiser for him.

- Speaking of Republicans who support Democrats, Mark is good friends with and a strong supporter of 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt, another Portune supporter.

- Finally, when we asked our allies to show up to the last Stadium Sales Tax hearing, our friend Mark headed our call and showed up to deliver a passionate speech urging our Commissioners to raise the Sales Tax to give more money to Mike Brown and the Reds.

Mark Quarry knows that higher taxes, more spending, and a 2nd Stadium Sales Tax hike are all this county needs to be great and prosperous. If Mark is given the chance, we know he will go on to be as great a tax hiker as Portune and Lovitt. His outstanding tax-and-spend record makes us proud to feature him as one of our Tax Hikers on the Rise.


Virgil Lovitt said...

If he keeps this up he'll be a good candidate for the Tax Hiker of the Year award. I have mine prominently displayed on my mantle.

Ms. Leslie Ghiz said...

I've never been to Silverton before but I like this Quarry guy. I can't help but admire a man who raises taxes and endorses Democrats, just like I do.

David Pepper said...

I was proud to appoint Marky to our kangaroo advisory committee that will supposedly reinvent county government, but what we really need are new ways to raise taxes.

John Fox said...

Hmmm. Silverton. Is that a Jewish name?

Hafaz al Aziz said...

Jews in Silverton? Count my wife and I out!