Thursday, February 18, 2010

Federal government rejects Streetcar grant request

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are distraught over the federal government's rejection of Cincinnati's request for federal streetcar funding. Along with Leslie Ghiz we have previously endorsed the Mallory streetcar plan and can't believe that the federal government does not understand the need to subsidize these local government projects. Even though the federal government is running massive deficits totaling over $1 trillion/year, they should still spend money on a $200 million streetcar that will go maybe 7 miles.

This setback shall not stop us! We have come up with a plan to build the streetcar. We call on the Hamilton County Commission to implement the new Transit Tax that we and Chris Bortz have previously endorsed. This would allow all Hamilton County residents to pay for Cincinnati's streetcar. Who really thinks Cincinnati should have to pay for their own streetcar? Screw the federal government we'll tax everyone in Hamilton County and build it ourselves.

This situation exemplifies the importance of electing qualified tax-and-spenders every chance we get. Because we have David Pepper and Todd Portune in charge of our county, they were able to pass a $777 million Sales Tax hike in 2007 that we and Leslie Ghiz proudly endorsed. And we still stand a great chance of passing another Stadium Sales Tax hike, property tax hike, or new countywide Transit Tax to help Cincinnati build their streetcar.

Had Leslie Ghiz not endorsed and campaigned for David Pepper, it's possible that our Democratic tax-and-spend friends would have never taken control of our county. We need someone like Ghiz to succeed her good friend Pepper. Ghiz supported raising our taxes. Ghiz voted for the streetcar. Ghiz helped the Democrats take over our county. Let's reward Leslie Ghiz for everything she's done by electing her County Commissioner. It may be our only chance to get this streetcar going!


Mark Quarry said...

I'm with you. Why don't we pass a Transit Tax at the same time we pass another Stadium Sales Tax increase? I love raising taxes.

Bobby Maly said...

Does this mean if I want to take public transportation it'll have to be a bus? I hate having to co-mingle with minorities when I come to Cincinnati from my home in Kentucky to hang out at trendy downtown spots with my all-white, urban professional friends. Screw it, I'll just drive my Volvo around until Cincinnati taxpayers pay up for a hip, all-white streetcar for me to ride in.

Amber Burke said...

I hope mine and my husband Joe Sprengard's outspoken support to defeat Issue 9 and support the downtown choo-choo train last fall doesn't hurt my reelection bid for the GOP State Central Committee. I'll try harder to show up and pretend I am a conservative. I hope no one saw the commercials we starred in, that are still on the web, where we talked about how great the trolley will be when it's built.