Sunday, May 23, 2010

Si Leis endorsement slump continues

(Stegosaurus and T-Rex, two of Ghiz's few public supporters)

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are deeply concerned about the declining influence of one of our greatest allies, Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis.  Observers including us have noted for years that our great Sheriff has had a terrible record of getting his endorsed candidates through the Republican primaries and in getting his issues passed.  This is quite a stunning loss of power for someone who once ruled this county with an iron fist. 

In this year's primary Si went an embarrassing 0-2, leading his candidates to defeat in highly winnable races.   When our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz announced her campaign, she gurnied out Sheriff Leis to be her Campaign Chairperson.  Shockingly, Leis was unable to recruit one single elected official to join him in support of Ghiz as she suffered a humiliating 13-point defeat to our enemy conservative Chris Monzel.  Leis also issued an endorsement for Tom Weidman for State Representative, who finished a distant 2nd to Cincinnati Tea Party founder Mike Wilson.

The same thing happened to them that happened to Governor Betty Montgomery, County Commissioner Jim Sumner, State Representative Greg Delev, County Commissioner John Dowlin, Congressman Eric Minamyer, and both of the Jail Taxes that were on the ballot.   Why can't Republican voters do as they are told?  Our movement cannot succeed when our powerful allies cannot command Republican voters into selecting the most qualified tax-and-spend Republicans that we have selected for their benefit. 

It's time for a return to party discipline!  Having previously endorsed tax-and-spend Democrats David Pepper and Todd Portune, Sheriff Leis is the ultimate authority on what it means to be a great Republican.  And he is not senile.  When Si Leis issues an order, all Republicans are obliged to obey.  Those who don't should be severely disciplined for their transgressions.  Tax us more!


Deputy Dog said...

You better start listening to Sheriff Leis or there will be hell to pay, you hear me? You will pay!

David A. Pepper said...

Holy shit! I'm in deep trouble!

Colerain Critcizer said...

So is Keith Corman.

Fossil Record said...

This picture looks like something I saw in an old textbook. I believe the title of the chapter was, "The fall of the dinosaurs".