Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simon Says: Build the Streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great Sheriff Simon Leis has just announced his endorsement for the streetcar!  We hope this endorsement will do more for the streetcar than his prior endorsements have done for Leslie Ghiz, Tom Weidman, Michelle Schneider, Betty Montgomery, Greg Delev, John Dowlin, Jim Sumner, Eric Minamyer, and his $777 million Sales Tax hike.  When a big government candidate or program needs support, Si is always there!

In his endorsement letter, Simon says:

The fares are free in a large area of the central city.....Every streetcar was crowded, but not uncomfortably so.

That says it all.  Because there were a lot of people riding the streetcar in Portland when the fare cost $0, obviously it is worth a $200 million expenditure in Cincinnat!  The city can worry about all its other problems later.  Simon says we need a streetcar now. 

And just think, if the streetcar fails in Cincinnati like it did 50 years, no problem - we can just turn it into a moving jail!  See, it'll help us one way or another.  Bring the streetcar back to Cincinnati.  It probably won't fail again.


Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented streetcars.

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

Friends, I am truly moved by this endorsement from Sheriff Leis. I personally believe that the $200 million streetcar will deliver a return on investment just as strong as Si's new $100,000 fishing boat.

Just as soon as we raise taxes again for the Sycamore School District/Teachers Union, I will begin my work on a new tax increase to bring Streetcars to Blue Ash!

Senile Simon Leis said...

The real reasons I like the streetcar is that rail is nostalgic for me. I attended the ceremony when the last spike was hammered in to finish the Transcontinental Railroad.

I assure you that my support has nothing to do with my Chief Deputy lackey Sean Donovan owning real estate along the streetcar route.

Deputy Dog said...

Pipe down Si, don't want too many folks to know about my liqour business.

Kendra North said...

You guys have to love this tax hike coming from Colerain Township.

The best part is Republican Dennis Deters admitting that they're hiding financial data from the taxpayers... and they're still moving ahead with this tax hike!