Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Vacation

Dear fellow tax hikers, we realize we haven't updated our site recently.  But have no fear, we haven't gone away.  We just decided to take a vacation. 

After a draining primary season where we had to watch some of our best friends go down to defeat, we were some seriously mentally exhausted tax hikers!  We know you understand the feeling.  Can you imagine how tiring it is to carry Leslie Ghiz and Michelle Schneider on our backs? 

We will provide semi-regular updates over the next month.  By Labor Day we will be back to updating regularly.  Our loyal readers deserve nothing less than our best when it's election time.  Until then, let's keep raising some taxes!


Rick Bryno said...

Have no fear! Higher taxes are here! The Sycamore Board of Education will place a nice-sized construction bond issue on the ballot. Higher taxes are here again.

Alex Tweet said...

you know, the Greeks invented summer vacations.