Monday, May 24, 2010

Streetcar Plan Lacks Public Support

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are getting streetcars in Cincinnati whether the voters like it or not.  And we think that's fantastic.  While a recent poll indicates that Cincinnati voters oppose the current streetcar plan by a 2-1 margin, it really doesn't matter what the voters think.

The streetcar has the potential to join the stadiums and The Freedom Center as one of Cincinnati's finest economic development projects ever.  How does spending $128 million on a rail line that goes 3 miles north and then heads back home create economic development worthy of that expenditure?  Well, we have no idea either, but that's not important.

Our city and state leaders told us that building new stadiums for the Bengals and Reds would be an economic bonanza for the city and county.  Nobody understood how spending $700 million on two sports stadiums is an economic plus, but aren't we glad we trusted them?  The Banks has become one of the finest downtown neighborhoods in the country, and the economies of Cincinnati and Hamilton County have never been better.  And just imagine how bad Hamilton County's budget would be without the stadium fund to buoy it.

Our city, state, and federal leaders told us that building The Freedom Center on riverfront property would be of strong economic benefit to the entire region.  Nobody ever figured that one out at the time, but aren't we glad we listened?  The Freedom Center has been a heavily-attended tourism magnet that has brought billions of outside dollars to Hamilton County.

Now our city and state leaders need us to believe them when they say the streetcar will bring an economic boom to Cincinnati.  Put your doubts and your questions aside.  Mayor Mallory and other city leaders know what is best.  Don't listen to that conservative Chris Monzel who has been leading the opposition to this streetcar plan.  We condemn Monzel for standing in the way of bigger government and more spending.

The message from Mayor Mallory and his supporters on City Council is clear - we're building a streetcar in Cincinnati and we don't care whether the voters like it or not.  We wholeheartedly endorse this plan and applaud Council for going through with the streetcar regardless of voter opinion.


Foxy Roxy said...

I was right on the stadiums, and right on the NURFC. How could anyuone doubt me on the trolley??

U.C. Planning said...

We have astudy to show how much econimic development this will spur! $3.5 for every $1 invested. It's similar to our study on the stadiums and Underground Freedom Center and expanded convention center.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented streetcars.

UC Economic Department said...

We also told the city of Cincinnati that they could count on 3% revenue growth for their budget last year. Instead it declined 8%.

Whoops! But you can trust that our 30-year models will be much more accurate than our 1 year projections.

Amber RINO Sprengard said...

I want it known that my husband and I proudly support the streetcar!

Marc said...

This bogger is soooo typical Cincinnati. Funny you didnt mention the success of Fountain Squares redevelopment, or the Gateway quarters success. And teh fact that the Banks IS being built. Instead write some useless negative piece. Keep writing moron, if thats what makes you feel better.

Bob Bedinghaus said...

The Banks is a smashing success! It only took nearly 2 decades, but if you ever needed proof positive that government intervention in economic devlopment works, then The Banks is your answer.

After all, look at how many millions of dollars in tax revenues it has brought to the County. Oh wait, don't look at that.

Never mind that it completely bankrupted the sales tax fund, which is now insolvent and is ruining the County's finances.

Pay no attention to the fact that nearly two decades after its conception there still is not one single solitary tenant signed. Not one. Zero.

We need the streetcar to be as wildly successful as The Banks!!!


Anonymous said...

And of course no streetcar supporter's blog post would be complete without an unprovoked insult at the end. You stay classy streetcar supporters!!!

Hafaz al Aziz said...

My wife voted for it before she voted against it. Oh, and she stopped hitting me with that rattan cane. I am better now.

Thank you to everyone who offered me a place to stay until she cooled off after the election. She is fine now.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks used to import rattan canes.

Roy said...

Can we get an update? Or are you guys for lower taxes now or something