Monday, February 21, 2011

Oppose Collective Bargaining Reform

Dear fellow tax hikers, we strongly oppose the efforts of our enemy, State Senator Shannon Jones, to reform Ohio's collective bargaining laws.  Her bill - SB5 - would do terrible things like restrict the bargaining power of state employees to challenge the decisions made by our elective officials, force employees to pay at least 20% of their health care costs, and eliminate the controversial practice of binding arbitration that can force elected officials to grant wage and benefits increases against their will. 

This bill represents the dangerous ideology of Shannon Jones and other conservatives who think that we should cut spending instead of raise taxes.  With Ohio facing an $8 billion budget shortfall, the last thing our state needs to do is get its spending under control.  We must raise taxes now!  If our Michelle Schneider was in this Senate seat, we would never have seen this bill.  Michelle Schneider would be raising taxes, not reform collective bargaining. 

We applaud State Senator Bill Seitz for his criticisms of this conservative bill.  He is right that it gives too much power to "management".  Management means the people we elect or their designees. 

We do not want the people, the officials they elect, or their designated representatives to have power over our tax dollars.  We want that power in the hands of the labor unions.  Say no to Shannon Jones and SB5.  Power to the unions! 


The Greatest Republican Ever said...

I've been telling folks all along that John Kasich is an arrogant man who doesn't think things through and expects others to do the heavy lifting for him. We will see more 3-ring circuses in Columbus as Kasich and all those associated with him continue to embarass the Republican Party in Ohio.

Watch Jon Husted's approach to see an effective leader in action, something else I was trying to tell everyone last year, too.

All those associcated with John Kasich need to be driven from the Republican Party because of the disastrous embarassment they have imposed upon the people of the Great State of Ohio.

Diane Adamec said...

If I cared about keeping my district's spending under control I would support this bill. But I don't. I'm afraid of what this would do to my ability to give all our money to the teachers unions.

Teachers in my school district only make an average of $375 per day and I want to give them more. Collective bargaining gives me the cover I need to raise salaries even though we already pay some of the highest rates in Ohio. This legislation would take away that cover and force me to justify my runaway salary increases to the taxpayers!

Shannon Jones is getting in the way of my cozy relationship with the teachers unions who control me. It just isn't fair. I may have to control labor costs if this bill passes.

J-man Haap said...

Did you see my hissy fit against this bill? I make $67,372 teaching at Princeton High School, a mere $358 per day. These reforms could make it harder for me to force our elected officials to give me big raises every year and that isn't fair!

Do what's best for the highly paid union workers like me. Put taxpayers last and oppose this bill!

Seitzman said...

Tax everything but my smokes!

Tax Hike Bill Seitz said...

I couldn't come to the Hamilton County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner last night because I was busy up in Columbus defending highly-paid public sector union employees. It's not easy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but it looks as if I succeeded. Thank God my constituents don't know about my big-government liberal voting record.