Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mitch Daniels repudiates Greg Hartmann

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very upset by the disgusting performance of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels at the Hamilton County Republican Party's Lincoln-Taft-Schneider Dinner.  Governor Daniels bragged about balancing his state's budget without raising taxes.  Even worse, he said Ohio's Governor John Kasich can do it too.

No he cannot.  With Ohio facing a projected $8 billion shortfall, and asking any sacrifice whatsoever of the public employee unions unacceptable, raising taxes is the only solution.  This comment was an insult to John Kasich and and an ever deeper insult to Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann.

Tax Hike Hartmann has already raised taxes on Hamilton County homeowners.  This tax increase was necessary to ensure that the Bengals and Reds received as much taxpayer money as possible.  Our county's #1 priority is to enrich Mike Brown and raising taxes is the only way to do that. 

When will conservatives like Daniels and Kasich get it?  Governments at all levels need to raise taxes, not cut spending.  Tax Hike Hartmann gets it.  He has already raised our property taxes to benefit the Bengals and he will soon do it again.  Tax us more!


Tax Hike Hartmann said...

I don't need his stinkin' advice. Mike Brown and Stu Dornette are always there to tell me what to do.

Hartmann's Staffers said...

Is it happy hour yet?

Monzel's Staffers said...

Who's Hartmann? We haven't seen him.

Alex T said...

If Mitch Daniels didn't exist, the Greeks would have to invent him.