Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jail Tax supporter may be disbarred

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are sad to report the news that one of our great friends and allies may soon lose his license to practice law.  Former Attorney General Marc Dann, who stood with us to support the Portune/Pepper/Leis Sales Tax hike, needs our support during this difficult time.

We know that Marc Dann broke the law several times.  We know that his misconduct forced him out of the Attorney General's office.  We know that he has been convicted of multiple crimes.  But he's one of us!  He is a great tax hiker who supported our agenda when we needed him most.  Dann worked closely with Simon Leis, Todd Portune, David Pepper, Leslie Ghiz, and the Hamilton County Republican Party to give this county a much-needed Sales Tax increase.

We call on all you tax hikers to show your support for our Marc Dann.  We need him to beat this charge so that he can keep his law license and begin his political comeback.  Dann stood with us when we needed his tax-hiking help.  Now it is our duty to stand with him.  Marc Dann for Attorney General 2014!


roy said...

Dont you guys think we could end this whole SB5 talk by just raising taxes by 20, 25% or so so we can continue to give our public employees such great benefits.? They certianly deserve better than what the private sector has, and I just think jacking up taxes will solve the problem.

Jessica Utovich said...

Marc needs to get back into office. Slurp, slurp.

David Pepper said...

Dann can lay low at my Anderson Township pad until the heat is off.