Monday, April 11, 2011

Marc Monahan wishes death on Shannon Jones

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are enormously proud of the fine work being done by the President of the Cincinnati Fireperson's Union Marc Monahan to fight that awful Senate Bill 5.  This legislation would reform Ohio's collective bargaining laws by putting more power in the hands of our elected officials instead of union leaders like Mad Sexy Monahan.  

Our side is mad and we're not going to take it!  We must fight back in the way that reflects properly on us union supporters.  Marc Monahan is setting a shining example of proud union advocacy with his tactics in this fight.  

On March 2nd, 2011, Monahan posted the following statement to his facebook account:  "Hope F.A. Shannon Jones chokes on a big greasy pork chop tonight."  We cannot believe that Senate Bill 5 could pass in spite of such persuasive arguments. 

We believe that all Ohioans will respond favorably to these union opposition tactics.  We applaud union leader Marc Monahan for his classy and dignified behavior in this important fight.  We can't wait to see what he does next.  Monahan will help us defeat Senate Bill 5 and return power over our tax dollars where it belongs - to union leaders like Marc Monahan who wish death on people who disagree with him. 


Alex T. said...

You know, fat greasy pork chops were first eaten by the Greeks.

Anonymous said...

Marc Monahan = union goon

Anonymous said...

Kasich calls out Willie for what he is ...... a wolf in sheep's clothing. A RINO who finds it easy to talk behind a microphone, but another RINO wimp when you actually have to do something about spending!


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