Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stop Jason Gloyd for Deer Park Council

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have received news from our good friends that a conservative, Jason Gloyd, is running in Tuesday's Republican Primary for the Deer Park City Council.  You must vote against Jason Gloyd!  They tell us that Gloyd did not seek the blessing of Deer Park Republican leaders before running and that is completely unacceptable! 

Gloyd is the worst candidate running.  He is currently the chairman of our enemy organization, COAST.  They are against raising taxes; we are for raising taxes.  Gloyd fought hard against the $800 million Sales Tax increase in 2007, we strongly supported it.  Gloyd has fought against additional taxpayer funds for The Freedom Center, while we believe that they deserve every dollar they ask for from us.

If you live in Deer Park and believe in higher taxes, you must vote against Jason Gloyd.  Fortunately, there are 3 other Republicans running.  We encourage you to vote for one of them instead of Gloyd. 

We need higher taxes.  We need more spending.  We only want party-approved Republicans, not real conservatives.  Whatever you do this Tuesday, vote against conservative Jason Gloyd.


Leslie Ghiz said...

I hereby endorse Jason Gloyd for Deer Park Council. There, that ought to be the kiss of death for that little COAST anti-tax bastard!

Gloyd said...

At least I don't have to worry about Si endorsing me!

Simon Leis said...

I am joining my good friend Leslie Ghiz and fully endorsing Jason Gloyd for Deer Park City Council!

Back at ya bitch!

Commissioner Jim Sumner said...

Si's endorsement is the kiss of death. Gloyd has no chance now.

reality checker said...

Nice job. Gloyd got clobbered.