Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Return of Tax Hike Seitz

(Bill Seitz in his union plumber uniform, or is it a full body condom?)

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are extremely delighted with the fantastic representation we have received from our State Senator Bill Seitz this year.  When we named Seitz our 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year, we knew that we would receive the benefits of many, many more years of higher taxes and bigger government.  While he made some mistakes last year, he has earned his way back into our favor with the excellent pro-tax service he has provided to us in recent months. 

The man who we affectionately call Tax Hike Seitz has been hard at work ensuring that we continue to receive the big government that we so deserve.  First, Tax Hike Seitz voted against the awful Senate Bill 5 that we strongly opposed.  Seitz agreed with us that it is union bosses who should determine how to spend Ohio tax dollars, not Ohio's elected officials. 

Next, we know that Tax Hike Seitz has been working hard to maintain Ohio's Death Tax.  There are some evil conservatives out there who want to repeal this tax.  Can you believe that?  Nobody should be allowed to die within Ohio's borders without paying one last tax!  This is our state, and here we're going to tax the life out of you! 

We stand proudly with Tax Hike Seitz and everyone who is opposing the dangerous fiscally conservative agenda being promoted by John Kasich and some other Republicans.  We need to put union bosses back in charge of our budget.  We need to tax dead people.  We want to tax you to death, and State Senator Tax Hike Seitz gets it!


Michelle Schneider, enjoying a snack said...

I hope nobody forgets that Bill Seitz endorsed me and campaigned hard for me in my futile race against Shannon Jones.

Hamilton County Republican Party said...

We are so proud of our number one team player Bill Seitz. He has our solid support.

Todd Portune and Davey Pepper said...

Don't forget his strong support for our gigantic $777 million sales tax increase!