Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ESPN says Bengals the worst franchise in sports

Dear fellow tax hikers, earlier today we were dismayed to read that our Beloved Bengals were ranked the worst sports franchise on the planet.  How could any franchise run by Mike Brown, Bob Bedinghaus, and Jeff Berding be so poorly respected?  We are so lucky to have Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann working hard to do something about this. 

Our Bengals would not be ranked last if they were receiving all the tax dollars they deserve! 

This proves that our Beloved Bengals deserve more taxpayer money.  We need to support Tax Hike Hartmann's efforts to raise taxes to give more money to the teams.  We need higher property taxes.  We may also need to raise the Sales Tax too.  The Bengals are entitled to this money.  You are not. 

We need to raise taxes to send more money to Mike Brown and the Bengals.  They need more.  We applaud Tax Hike Hartmann for understanding this.  Now get out there and raise some more stadium taxes!


Monzel's confused staffers said...

If you ever see that guy Hartmann, tell him there is a pile of mail down here at the county he needs to pick up.

Mike Brown said...

The two best investments I ever made were in Bob Bedinghaus and Tax Hike Hartmann.