Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rally to support Tax Hike Hartmann's Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, this Noon Tuesday at City Hall the Hamilton County Republican Party is organizing a rally to support Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann's big property tax increase for the Bengals and Reds!  Do you support higher property taxes as much as we do?  If so we want to see you there.

This tax increase is necessary.  Hamilton County's stadium fund was due to run a large deficit in 2011 and 2012.  Spending cuts are never an option.  Without higher taxes, how could we give the Bengals and Reds all the tax dollars they deserve?  Tax Hike Hartmann recognized this injustice and joined with David Pepper to raise our property taxes.  For that we are extremely grateful.

The Hamilton County Republican Party has supported this tax increase 100%.  And that is not going to change.  They know how badly we need to send more of tax dollars to Bengals Owner Mike Brown and Bengals Executive Bob Bedinghaus. 

In 2013 the stadium fund deficit gets even worse.  That will mean an even larger tax increase for all county residents.  We are working closely with Tax Hike Hartmann and the Hamilton County GOP to determine which taxes we are going to raise. 

We want all of you tax hikers to stand with us this Tuesday and show your support for higher county property taxes.  Show us that you agree with Tax Hike Hartmann and the Hamilton County GOP that funding the needs of Mike Brown and the Bengals is our county's #1 priority.  Tax us more!


Joe from Anderson said...

I am with Hartmann. We need higher taxes to support our essential government services. Hartmann is a leader we can trust to do the right thing and raise the property tax.

We applaud him for his courageous action last fall when he voted with his partner David Pepper in cutting the property tax rollback.

Ditzy Tracie Winkler said...

I am, like, totally in favor of this tax increase. It's like, super-awesome. Can we pass a similar increase in Green Township? That would be kewl! ;). I like, totally hate commenting on blogs because when I type it doesn't let me dot my "i's" with hearts or smiley faces. Bummer.

Monzel's confused staffers said...

We're still looking for that guy!