Sunday, June 26, 2011

Help Tom Neyer avoid bankruptcy

Dear fellow tax hikers, our good friend Tom Neyer is in trouble and needs our help.  Former Hamilton County Commissioner Tom Neyer has sadly had to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy through no fault of his own.  Neyer listed assets between $1.4-$1.5 million and debts totaling $69 million.  Taxin' Tom owes $46 for every $1 that he owns.  This is not his fault and we are going to get to the bottom of who did this to him.

Tom Neyer was one of the greatest leaders Hamilton County ever had.  He campaigned for the Stadium Sales Tax hike that has revitalized our county.  He voted with Commissioner Bob Bedinghaus to give the Bengals, Reds, and CPS great lease deals.  And that's not all.  Whatever Bedinghaus needed, Neyer delivered without question.  Neyer did so much to deliver us higher taxes, now we are going to deliver for him in his time of need.

Republicans for Higher Taxes is announcing a collection drive to help Tom Neyer pay off all his debts and avoid bankruptcy!  If every single man, woman, and child in Hamilton County sends Tom $85, he will have enough money to pay off all his debts.  We can do this!  The Hamilton County Republican Party has generously agreed to provide logistical support for this important collection.

All of you are commanded to participate in this most important endeavor.  Tom did so much for Hamilton County, now Hamilton County must return the favor.  We expect everyone to contribute a minimum of $85, and if you are wealthy you should contribute more.  Send your money to:

Hamilton County Republican Party
Chairman Alex Triantafilou
Tom Neyer Collection Fund
700 Walnut Street, Rm 309
Cincinnati, OH  45202

We tax hikers take care of our own.


Union Guy said...

I could have easily scrounged up an extra $85 between my raise, cost-of-living adjustment, step increases and the money I save by having my employer cover my health insurance and pension costs. However, that lying, no-good SOB Kasich is taking all of that away from me, so Tom Neyer is going to have to go bankrupt, just like Kasich is going to bankrupt ever teacher cop and fireman in this state with Senate Bill5.

Virgil Lovitt said...

This is a fantastic idea! Put me down for my fair share. I fondly remember the good old days of Bob Bedinghaus, Tom Neyer, and Sharonville's own John Dowlin.

Mikey-Boy Brown said...

Put me down for $85. I can afford it thanks to my good buddy Greg Hartmann.

Greg Hartman said...

I'm loaded! I can help out with some cash as long as he helps me next year with my reelection.

Of course if the deal Todd Portune and I are working on with Tim Burke & Alex T to not have a opponents next year comes through, I might not need his help.

Anonymous said...

And poor Tom's trophy bride has a bun in the oven.

Anonymous said...

Poor little rich guy will now learn to work like all of us!