Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Vacation ends

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have been known to take long summer vacations and this year was no exception.  But now our vacation is over and we are back to work promoting higher taxes and higher spending.  We promise from now through Election Day we will provide the full election coverage that you expect from us. 

One of our first tasks is to determine who we will select to fill the State House vacancy for the 30th District that was once held by Robert Mecklenborg.  We promise to find and select a qualified tax-and-spend Republican who will infiltrate the Republican Caucus and fight Governor Kasich and his allies to stop their limited government agenda.  Our movement must reverse Ohio's conservative momentum!

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Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

I'm glad you guys are back. I feel kind of empty inside when I don't get the inside scoop about what's happening in our tax-and-spend movement.