Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Endorse Tracy Winkler

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are beaming with pride to announce our endorsement of Green Township Trustee Tracy Winkler to move up in the political world.  Tracy is currently considering whether she would like to be the next 30th District State Representative or become Hamilton County's next Clerk of Courts.  We have detailed Tracy's extensive qualifications for higher office and have proven that she would be a phenomenal choice for either position.

Therefore, we proudly endorse.......Tracy Winkler for Something.  Consider the fine Tracy Winkler record:

1.  Tracy proudly hired Chairman Alex Triantafilou's ex-wife Jennifer Triantafilou for a position she is completely unqualified to hold and did not even apply for until 11 days after the application deadline.  Tracy has no problems selling out her integrity to obey orders from her superiors.  That's exactly the kind of public servant we value here at Republicans for Higher Taxes.

2.  Supported a 1.9 mill property tax increase for Green Township property owners.

3.  With Tracy's blessing, the Nathaniel Greene Lodge loses $200,000 per year for the Township.  One of the co-managers of this money-losing operation is Tracy's daughter, Allison Detzel.  We have no problem with nepotism, as long as it's kept in the family.

4.  Permitted her Township Administrator to campaign in favor of keeping the Estate Tax.  Nobody should be allowed to die in the State of Ohio without paying one last tax to the government.

5.  An opponent of the 1st Amendment, Tracy shut down public comments at Green Township meetings.  According to the Township's 2/14/11 Minutes, "Chairman Winkler stated that residents do not have the right to speak at Trustees Meetings."  We fully concur, unless they are there to advocate higher taxes.

6.  Finally, we cannot forget Tracy's #1 qualification - she married into the Winkler family.  That alone makes her highly qualified to serve as Hamilton County's Clerk of Courts or as an Ohio State Representative.

When Tracy Winkler's handlers choose which office she wants to hold, we will support the decision 100% and work overtime to make sure the voters know her fine record.  Soon enough she will be serving the under-taxed citizens in a larger capacity.  Tracy Winkler for something!


Susie Schoolteacher said...

What sort of education qualifications does she have?

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented nepotism.

Green Township Tea Partiers said...

Are we forbidden from commenting on this blog, or just Green Township public meetings? I don't want Sir Judge Ted Winkler to haul is into Court to defend his wife's honor.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

We allow all to comment on our site, even you heinous Tea Party people. You may criticize us, the leaders of the tax-hiking movement, and we have even allowed others to falsely guess our identities. We're that nice.

However, we will respond and embarrass such people with our intellect. We welcome conservatives to criticize us and attack us because we know our superior tax-hiking ideas will win the debate!

Kristina Stephen said...

You can indeed sleep your way to the top!

We don't need no stinkin' education said...

Susie Schoolteacher -
Tracy completed a grueling associates degree program at UC. I don't know if she finished at the top of her class or not, since none of the Winklers are professors.

Jeffry K. Smith said...

I'd appreciate more information on items 2 & 4.

I can vouch for the items for which you've provided hot-links because I was personally involved with each of them.

Check out

dennis bausch said...

whatever has happened in the federal lawsuit filed against green township, as a result of ms. winkler's actions?

Jeffry K. Smith said...


The township has filed a motion to dismiss, based on the claim that they're untouchable while they're "legislating". In other words, the 12 year old resolution that Tracy Winkler ignored repeatedly is only binding on the little people.

As far as Tracy's is concerned (and is also the township's legal position), the part of resolution #98-0209-I that says “The trustees reaffirm the basic principle that citizens who wish to speak at a meeting have a right to be heard.” was evidently just so much B.S.

Sign up at my website and I'll send you their full replies.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

Jeffry, we were able to find information on those items using a Google Search.

"Tracy Winkler" "estate tax" should yield both items.