Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tracy Winkler's Top 10 Qualifications

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have been following with keen interest the race to replace Robert Mecklenborg in the Ohio State House.  It is our mission to select a great tax-and-spend Republican to help stop John Kasich and his appalling limited government agenda.  In our professional estimation, Green Township Trustee Tracy Winker is a highly qualified candidate for this position.  We now present Tracy Winkler's Top 10 Qualifications to be our next State Representative:

10.  She's a member of the Winker family
  9.  Lives in Green Township
  8.  She's married to a Winkler
  7.  Shut down public comments at the Green Township Trustee meetings
  6.  Her husband is Judge Winkler
  5.  Joined with Stadium Dave Linnenberg to hire Alex Triantafilou's ex-wife for a job she's unqualified to hold to help reduce Alex's alimony payments
  4.  Her last name is Winkler
  3.  Under the management of her daughter Allison Detzel, the Township's Greene Lodge loses $200,000 annually for the township
  2.  Her mother-in-law, Cheryl Winkler, was a State Representative herself
  1.  She's part of the Winkler family

 Tracy Winkler is highly qualified to hold any elected office in Ohio.  It's in her blood. 


Alex T. said...

Hey now, being formerly married to the county chairman has benefits, and I got bills to pay.

Sir Judge Winkler said...

I want you to know that I will defend my wife's honor, what little is left.

Tommy Neyer said...

What's the problem here? Putting someone in office who has no qualifications but a good last name always works out great for the taxpayers.

Alex T. Employment Agency said...

You know, the Greeks invented nepotism.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people in any County position will get promoted, only if they know someone or brown nose? What is wrong with promoting someone who is knowledgeable and has worked for the county for several years as a good employee?