Monday, June 4, 2012

Cincinnati faces $34 million shortfall

Dear fellow tax hikers, Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney has informed Council that Cincinnati is facing a projected $34.3 million budget shortfall for 2013.  If there is anything that demands higher taxes, this is it.  Spending cuts are completely unacceptable.  

Shortfall or no shortfall, Cincinnati's #1 priority MUST be to continue building the streetcar.  Sean Donovan supports the streetcar, as does Mayor Mark Mallory, as do we, and you should too.  It's economic development.  Throwing $100 million of rail on the ground for a quick loop through Over The Rhine is economic development, even if nobody can explain how.  

Not only must the streetcar project not get cut, but all spending cuts must be avoided.  We don't want the government to do with less, we want you to get by with less.  Dohoney is calling on City Council to raise property taxes to the maximum 6.1 mills allowed under the law.  We endorse this tax increase 100%. 

That necessary property tax hike would still leave the city $26 million short.  Therefore, we also endorse an Income Tax increase for all Cincinnati residents and workers.  Currently sitting at 2.1%, we would like to increase it as much as necessary to raise all the money that the city could ever need. 

We call on City Council to start working now on raising property taxes and raising income taxes for the common good.  The government needs that money.  You don't.  Tax us more!


Greg Hartman said...

Under the circumstances I really don't see any other viable options other than raising revenue through the tax structure. I stand with Mallory and Donovan in both endeavors.

Princess Margaret said...

C'mon people, you must understand that you have to be a team player here and support this tax hike to pay for the streetcar. It's good for everyone. It's good for the economy because it will make it easier for me to go shopping in the middle of the afternoon when I am supposed to be at work.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

I believe in this tax hike so strongly that I will donate my services to run the tax-hike campaign. My former client Virg Lovitt knows a lot about raising taxes. My daddy the Mayor of Sprigdale is also a champion tax hiker. My good friends Bill Seitz and Bill Cunningham tell me I am the best campaign manager there is, and they love higher taxes too.

Hamilton county GOP said...

We stand by our people (and what the CBC checkwriters tell us to say)

Virgil Lovitt said...

Cincinnati must tax their way out of this problem. That's what we do in Sharonville.