Sunday, June 10, 2012

John Cranley opposes Property Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are enormously disappointed in former Cincinnati Councilman John Cranley.  Today Cranley has published a mean editorial opposing Roxanne Qualls' efforts to raise Cincinnati's property taxes!  Not only did Cranley condemn this important tax increase, he also criticized the streetcar project which we believe is necessary for the future of our city.

Roxanne Qualls does not deserve this criticism.  Roxanne has been a tax-hiking goddess throughout her public career.  Roxy was the leading voice for the Stadium Sales Tax increase which has done so much good for our community.  She endorsed the Sales Tax hike for Light Rail.  Roxy endorsed the 2007 Jail Tax which would have raised taxes $777 million for a $198 million jail.  Qualls has also been one of the streetcar's biggest supporters from Day 1.  She supports all the great ideas!

We are very angry at John Cranley.  Cranley and our enemy Chris Monzel were the only two Councilmen who voted against our beloved streetcar.  Cranley refused to endorse the 2007 Sales Tax hike for a big new expensive jail.  And now he is publicly criticizing a property tax increase that we already endorsed

We need higher property taxes, both in the city and in the county.  We stand behind Roxanne Qualls as she seeks another one of her wonderful tax hikes.  We are also serving warning to John Cranley that he better stop opposing our agenda of higher taxes and more spending.  He will find our opposition to be a steep encounter to any future candidacy. 


MS. Liz Ghiz Aziz said...

Voting for the streetcar was one of my finest moments in public service! So was endorsing David Pepper and the Jail Tax!

Sean Donovan, the "Republican" said...

I hope everyone knows I support the streetcar 100% and fully backed the big 2007 Sales Tax increase. We need higher taxes and streetcars! Vote for me!

CincyHochscheid said...

John Cranley is a "concern troll" wingnut. Any Democrat who criticizes the excesses of extreme left-wing Democrats is a "concern troll".

Liz Ghiz Aziz said...

Chris Monzel did so support the streetcar! He even supported giving money to Saks Fifth Avenue! Christ Monzel is not a conservative! He has you all fooled! You just think he's a conservative when he's really not! He is a big-spending meanie-head! I am the true conservative here!

C. Scott Gehring said...


It's so great to hear from you! I've come along way from copying those e-mails you used to have me send out attacking that awful Chris Monzel and those right-wing conservatives in Blue Chip. But don't worry, marrying David Pepper's staffer worked out very well for me. Papa Pepper got me two very cushy jobs. Can you believe I live in Madeira now??? Wow!

Have you had a chance to see what I've been up to lately?

Is stopping an apartment complex in your backyard something to be proud of, or what? I still have that same aversion to people like Sam Malone and Chris Smitherman that you always have. Man, if theres' one thing I remember from those grand and glorious days working for you before I had to quit to run a state rep campaign, that I had to quit to take care of a sick relative, that I paid my wife to "consult" on... that, oh, never mind.... just taking a trip down memory lane.

Man, working for you and marrying into the Pepper Family Empire sure paid off for this staunch conservative west sider, didn't it?

Take care,


Princess Margaret said...

The people running this tax campaign need to start holding some fund-raisers! I need to go buy a new outfit and some new shoes. Some people might have seen me wear the same thing twice.

I almost hope some smelly west siders get near me so I have an excuse to buy more clothes after I burn the ones I wear in their scummy inbred presence.