Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are honored and thrilled to celebrate our amazing Five Year Anniversary with you!  Together, we have built our movement from a tiny blog that nobody read at first into the most powerful force in Hamilton County politics.  Our allies are in elected office throughout the county, and every year we find new taxes to jack up.  Our impact has been enormous and we're only getting stronger.

We do have to report that we had to cut back on the celebrations and festivities we had hoped to plan for today.  But that is because we have been working on a major development, and we are about ready to break it.

Tax hikers:  At 8:30 this morning we will be breaking a MAJOR story that will rock the local political world!  Tune in at 8:30 AM to read all about it.

For now, we dedicate this post to all of you.  Please help us make it special.  We ask all you tax hikers to share with us your best memories from this site.  Tell us your favorite stories, your favorite tax hikes, your favorite site features, your favorite tax hikers, and everything else you love about this site.  This is our special day and together we will make it a memorable one!  Tax us more!


Alex T's Facebook said...

Forget that big scandal. Where will you be tomorrow? Will you be working to make a difference in Hamilton County in the presidential election? I'll be working the Buckeye Blitz, appearing on radio to make our case, visiting with Congressman Chabot and volunteers, and finishing my day with the high honor of introducing Sen. Portman at 6:15 p.m. COME JOIN US! WE'LL REST AFTER NOVEMBER 6!!!!!!

Billy Blessing said...

Thanks for completely ignoring the SIX year anniversary of this little incident. Marco and I really appreciate it.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented anniversaries.

findlay market said...

We miss you, Alex.

Marco said...

As much as I would like to brag, my conscience has gotten the best of me. I'm sad to report that Billy Blessing was in the park with his female friend-not me. Too bad he's getting married.

Princess Margaret said...

When is your big anniversary bash? I'll need to go shopping for new shoes and a new cocktail dress. I need some time for that and for getting my hair, makeup, and nails done, too. When you work as hard as I do in politics, it's almost like every day is a wedding reception. Toodles!

PS- you're not inviting any smelly west siders, are you?

Councilmember Chris said...

As a City Councilmember I am sure you will be inviting myself as a City Councilmember and all the other City Councilmember. Please consider this my RSVP as a City Councilmember in the affirmative as a City Councilmember.


City Councilmember Chris Seelbach