Monday, May 6, 2013

May 7th, Primary Election Day

Dear fellow tax hikers, there are some tax issues on tomorrow's primary election ballot. 

We proudly endorse every single one of them.  If there is a tax of any kind on your ballot tomorrow, please show up to the polls and vote YES!


Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

Don't worry, if the Republicans win tomorrow we will take all the credit. If the Republicans lose, we will go on state and national television and blame the conservatives and promise to support gay marriage, gun control and more free stuff for poor minorities next time.

Ashtray said...

Hey, did you guys see that inspiring and motivational pre-election e-mail I sent at 5:00 this afternoon? Burning the midnight oil here at HCRP, let me tell you.

Here it is in case you're anti-email or an illiterate west sider or something:

Tuesday, May 7th

Polls Open 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

If you live in an area with an Issue or Partisan Primary Election tomorrow,
please VOTE!

For voter information and polling locations:






Anonymous said...

darn, and there's no levies I can vote for where I live.

Princess Margaret said...

Wait! There's an election today? Where? I need to go buy a new dress, new shoes and get my hair and nails done for the big party tonight! Please tell me they aren't voting for anything on the west side tonight. I can't stand another night of being around those smelly west siders.

Dan From Delhi said...

Aren't we lucky? We have a parks levy and a fire levy and Oak Hills schools has a levy. That is some great planning by the Republican leaders in Delhi and some of the great Republicans on Oak Hills school board, like Steve Schinkal. Heckuva job!

Greed Township Republicans said...

I hope they aren't voting on anything in Colerain Township today. The only thing Colerain is good for is to hold our garbage and to add more crime-infested Section 8 housing so we don't have to have either of them. Those Colerain people sure love their trash, and they love the landfill too!

Taxin Jackson said...

In just 30 more minutes the polls will close and we will find out just how much our taxes are going up by. I am getting all teary-eyed at the joyous anticipation.

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

I can't believe it! I showed up to my polling place today to vote for higher taxes and found out we didn't have an election out here. We in Blue Ash should be ashamed!

Please Hire Someone Competent said...

Looks like Taxin Jackson forgot the interminable wait Hamilton County Bored With Elections foists upon the citizens each and every election night. The same people, Alex T and his boss Tim Burke, who think people like Tracy Winkler and Tracie Hunter are qualified to hold their elected positions also hire the people who work for the Board of Elections. No wonder Hamilton County is usually, by far, the last county in Ohio to post results.

They've hit the lights, locked up, bolted the door in most other counties in this low-turnout election but Hamilton County will report around midnight as though it were a Presidential election and the eyes of the world focused on it.

No, the same people who anoint morons to run for elections also hire morons to run the elections.

Dan the Delhi Dumbass said...

Hey Dan from Delhi, Steve Schinkal voted against placing the Oak Hills school levy on the ballot. If you're going to be an uninformed moron please do it in private and not on the internet for everyone to see. An apology to Schinkal would be nice, but isn't expected.

Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republican said...

Hey, R4HT, quit hiding behind your anonymous screen name and tell us how YOU did on YOUR campaigns as a "consultant" like you like to pretend to be?

You've been posing a "consultant" for years but truth is you've never been paid on a winning race and living off family money has to be getting pretty old now, isn't it?

You act like some kind of political know-it-all but you haven't been near a winning political campaign at the county, state, or federal level in years, ever since you got fired from the only real job you ever had, if you call being a go-fer for a politician a real job!!! See you Friday, you fat faced loser.

LOL at LLHCR said...

A "Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republican" hides behind a screen name to take great offense at someone else's hiding behind a screen name?

No wonder the Hamilton County Republican Party is such a dysfunctional mess.

You'd think a "Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republican" would have something more useful and productive to do with their time, such as, oh I don't know, having a job, or maybe a social life, or maybe some family members to associate with at night.

Oh, wait, the Reds played a day game today. That would explain the idleness and the stupidity being posted by "Lifelong Hamilton County Republican" undoubtedly being supported by our tax dollars and court costs.

Angry Andersonian said...

So, "Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republican" besides hiding behind a screen name to make factually incorrect personal smears against a fellow Republican, what are your contributions to electing conservative candidates? Or electing anyone?

Judging from most of the "Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republicans" I've met, you've done little more than contribute $25-$30 or so a few times a year at some beer-swilling event called a fund-raiser, putting some signs in your yard and handing out pink pieces of paper to people on Election Day, and probably not more than 5-6 hours on Election Day, at that.

Counting Votes said...

Since 2000, the Hamilton County Republican Party, having already lost the Auditor's office, has also lost a commission seat (and another seat they got back), the coroner's office, the recorder's office and the sheriff's office.

Republicans held FIVE state legislative seats in Hamilton County prior to the 2000 elections. They now hold THREE.

Clermont County and Warren County (twice) each elected people to offices that also represent Hamilton County. In the process, they defeated Hamilton County Republicans in the primaries for these offices.

Cincinnati City Council has exactly one Republican on it now, but has had as many as three on it in this decade.

In the Courthouse, the favorite of the "Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republicans" there are more Democrat judges now than there were then.

It looks like the record of "Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republican" is either one of total incompetence for being in these losing races or one of total laziness for being nowhere near them.

But now that a crony of the Deters, Winkler and Blessing clans is installed at the Ohio Republican Party, a political expert such as "lifelong loyal hamilton county republican" should have no problem cashing in and should have no need to spend her time anonymously bashing others for being anonymous on a blog. I mean, things ought to be looking up for you now totally, right???

Detective said...

"Lifelong Hamilton County Republican" thinks the blog author is a fat, unemployed failure? Dude, you're probably the only person on Earth who thinks Craig Hochscheid is really Republicans For Higher Taxes.