Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Open thread - what is a loyal Republican

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are picking up on a theme that was discussed in the comments section of our last post - loyalty.  We need reader participation for this discussion.

So we ask all you loyal tax hikers to tell us:  What is a loyal Republican?


Alex T said...

Someone who does and says whatever we tell them to do and say!

Hamilton County Republican Party said...

A loyal Republican is someone who blindly goes along with everything we have done to lose one seat after the next in this county. Auditor, Coroner, Recorder, Sheriff - gone!

We also lost two Commission seats, though "we" got back one of them via disloyal Republican Chris Monzel and his disloyal campaign team. We don't really count that one because they didn't win the seat our way and with our people.

Under no circumstances does a loyal Republican offer suggestions for improvement, or ever critique any of our unwise moves. No, a loyal Republican keeps their mouth shut and tells us what a great job we're doing no matter what. Happily going down with the sinking ship is what loyalty is all about.

Green Township Republicans said...

Our Loyal Republicans are the best around, certainly better than the Republicans in Garbagetown!

Alex T Mall Cop said...

A loyal republican is anyone who says they're a republican and doesn't let policy get in the way of winning an election. After all, isn't that what we're all about?

Ghizzy Lizzy said...

I believe a loyal Republican is someone who endorses David Pepper for everything, raises taxes, backs the streetcar, and spends money subsidizing The Freedom Center. That's loyalty.

I was denied my rightful spot on the County Commission because of all the men and women in the GOP who hate women. Yeah that's it.

Yost is Toast said...

A loyal Republican is someone who is ONLY worried about winning the next election. It doesn't matter if you ever sponsor a bill, vote along with liberals, our propose raising 88 new State taxes. Just as long as you throw a bone now and then to voters to make them think you actually do something while in office.

In the words of newly elected ORP chairman Matt Borges, we must win to keep to seats at all cost even if it means eating our own.

Grassroots Greg said...

A "loyal Republican" is someone whose job it is to elect Republicans and promote the party's message to all voters, yet puts very little time and effort into that job, using it as a stepping-stone to land a lucrative job as a lobbyist. The Romney campaign was chock full of "loyal Republicans" who would do anything to avoid doing their job.

Sean Donovan said...

I nominate Sheriff Simon Leis as the prototype loyal Republican. Can I count the ways?

1) Endorsed Democrats David Pepper and Todd Portune.
2) Opposed the evil Pat DeWine.
3) Supported Democrat Jim Tarbell for Commissioner over the disloyal Chris Monzel.
4) Pushed hard for higher taxes.
5) Endorsed the Cincinnati Streetcar.
6) Spent a lifetime trashing the 1st Amendment.

That is loyalty my friends! No loyal Republican ever criticized Si Leis because he is the perfect, loyal Republican.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

The loyalest Republican in the world is my daddy Doyle Webster, the Mayor of the Great City of Springdale!

I'll never forget the treachery of the DISLOYAL Republicans who went against my good friend Jean Schmidt, that's for sure.

News Media said...

A "Loyal Republican" is someone who takes money from gigantic corporations and hates women, minorities, old people, and children.

Mike Moronski said...

A loyal Republican is similar in a lot of ways to a "loyal" Catholic.