Sunday, June 2, 2013

Legal threat

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have been informed that we might be in danger of facing litigation because CincyCapell's wife was referred to here as a "pig".  We are just shaking in our boots.  You all can be the judge. 

Here she is, Mrs. America:

Mrs. CincyCapell is the red-headed blob in the middle.  She's sitting next to everyone

For a closer look:

Maybe someone can hire Stan Chesley to sue us.  We are so scared.

Mr. and Mrs. H, we invite you to continue picking fights with us.  Because we get so much enjoyment out of crafting our responses.  Oink Oink piggies.


Pigs Everywhere said...

We're going to be the ones suing! This is an unfair and libelous camparison and is a terrible slander on our reputations.

Unemployed and desperate said...

Craig Hochscheid should understand that when he slurs others behind his CincyCapell moniker, he isn't anonymous anymore. We know it's him. Craig and Tabitha must be the dumbest SOB's around to continue picking fights with R4ht, knowing that they will get their fat asses kicked every time.

Tabby the Pig said...

She looks like a stuffed pig. There I said it, I hope it doesn't get you guys sued.

Republican Insider said...

The news of a potential lawsuit against this blog has everyone in the courthouse chattering excitedly about this pending development. Even if the Hochscheid's loose, the identity of the blogger(s) who contribute to this site will be publicly revealed.

In Colerain Township, some jobless loser and his incompetent wife will be both terrified and angry.

Anonymous said...

The only accurate part of Republican Insider's post - Republican insiders at the Courthouse sure aren't working at 8:08 am.

Republican Insider said...

Doesn't matter, we're going to prove once and for all which piece of human filth is behind this blog. Not that we need to.

Everyone in the Republican Party who matters knows for certain who this unemployed coward loser hiding behind this blog really is.

Matlock Moronski said...

If this ever went to court (which it won't because there is no legal basis for a suit in spite of Mike Moronski's "expert" legal opinion)then Craig Hochscheid would even more officially be outed as racist asshole CincyCapell. I wonder how his attorney wife would like to appear in front of all of the judges that her husband has cowardly slandered behind his fake name.

Anonymous said...

It's past 9:00 and the number of hours worked this week by Hochscheid, Moronski, and the Republican buzzards.....I mean insiders at the courthouse combined equals zero.

Gordon Gee, paragon of diversity said...

The fat pig in the pictures is probably one of those damn Catholics. It's usually the Catholics who are fat, especially the Polish ones who drink too much.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

Republican Insider, your last post will not be published. Your constant efforts to steer our discussions off-topic are not going to be tolerated anymore. We will allow you to continue bashing us and incorrectly guessing our identities, but from now on you must figure how to do so without hijacking our topics. With your superior intelligence that shouldn't be a problem.

Republican Insider said...

What's the matter R4HT? Did it take all day for you to think of that comeback?

We can't wait until the Hochscheid's do sue you. Discovery will be your undoing. And theirs.

Two disloyal Republicans will be outed as the hateful smear merchants they truly are, and two racist Democrats will be outed. Four of our enemies will be ruined professionally, politically, and personally.

And it won't cost us a dime of money or a minute of effort.

See you losers in court!!!

Tea for All said...

We'd love to see how Republican Insider defines a "loyal" Republican. Who might be a good example? Sean Donovan? Bob Mecklenbourg? Alex Tryingtofoolyou? His sidekick and former Democrat Ashwin? or maybe Matt Borges?

Loyal Republican said...

I very much respect the loyalty and intelligence of Republican courthouse insiders like Mr. Republican Insider. They are so loyal and so smart. They are the good Republicans.

Loyal Republicans Bob Bedinghaus and Joe Deters were smart to raise taxes to build two stadiums. Loyal Republicans raise taxes. Then Bedinghaus and Deters negotiated the Bengals lease that was so good for our community. All loyal Republicans supported this.

Loyal Republicans supported Bob Bedinghaus' re-election. Bad Republicans suggested that Bob step aside for a better, more electable candidate. Good Republicans like Joe Deters required all loyal Republicans to stand behind Bob, as we lost that seat to the Democrats.

Loyal Republicans stood by Coroner Parrot-head as he drained the county reserves with scandal after scandal. We lost that seat to the Democrats.

Loyal Republicans like Leslie Ghiz, Bedinghaus, and Stuart Dornette supported Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner. We lost that seat and control of the Commission to the Democrats.

Loyal Republicans stood by the Hamilton County Republican Party when it endorsed a SuperSized Jail Tax. All good Republicans support higher taxes. The bad Republicans, like Pat DeWine and Chris Monzel, opposed this tax hike, and the voters shot it down.

Loyal Republicans taught Recorder do absolutely nothing in office so that she'd have 0% name recognition in a tough 2008. Those loyal Courthouse Republicans knew what they were doing. We lost that seat to the Democrats.

Loyal Republicans stood by their man Virgil Lovitt for State Representative, a great loyal Republican who donated to Todd Portune. Disloyal Republicans suggested the party find a better candidate. Fortunately the loyal Republicans stood by Virg, as we lost that seat to the Democrats.

Simon Leis was the epitome of a loyal Republican. His support for David Pepper, Todd Portune, and Jim Tarbell for Commissioner was a shining example of Republican loyalty.

All good loyal Republicans knew that Sean Donovan was the right choice to succeed loyal Si. Only bad Republicans had other ideas. The loyal Courthouse Republicans took control of this situation, as we lost another seat to the Democrats.

I am a loyal Republican. I am so proud of the work that us loyal Republicans have done for the Hamilton County Republican Party.

Let Me Love You Long Time said...

The Hamilton County Republican Party's handiwork in the 28th House District is a textbook example of their incompetence.

2004: ignoring the warning signs when several races, including Jim Raussen's re-elect, were uncomfortably close. Their suggestion was for Raussen to get rid of his conservative advisors and bring in moderates who "knew the district" better. This included such political heavyweights as Campaign Expert Matheny.

2006: patted themselves on the back when Raussen held on while Republicans elsewhere got smoked. This is the race that gave CEM her chops as an expert.

2008: paying zero attention to the fact that Connie Pillich never stopped campaigning after the first-time candidate nearly won in 2006, the heavyweights at 700 Walnut Street blocked Raussen's fund-raising efforts until Ted Strickland saw an opportunity to make this an open seat for Connie. After creating a job for Raussen at twice his legislator salary, the GOP then selected champion tax hiker Virgil Lovitt, to the great delight of this blog.

Virgil didn't get anywhere near the support from Democrats like Todd Portune and David Pepper that he had given them. He also followed the "ignore the conservatives" playbook from 2006.

2010: after supporting establishmentarian Tom Weidman and advising him to focus all his attention on the third opponent in the race, very nearly causing Weidman to finish third himself, the GOP let a Tea Party leader cruise to victory. They then gave him zero support in the fall, outsourcing that race to the Tea Party, while expecting Tea Partiers to deliver votes for Republican tax-hikers like John Kasich. Somehow, as the GOP picked up 14 house seats and knocked off 10 incumbents, Tea Party Republican Mike Wilson came up short.

2012: after re-drawing a more Republican seat and clearing the field for Mike Wilson, the GOP establishment in Cincinnati and Columbus put their resources into a sad-sack son of a former legislator to shore up a seat with a 63% GOP average and left Mike Wilson hung out to dry.

Congratulations, Hamilton County GOP. Your northern and eastern suburbs are the most Republican part of the state represented by a Democrat in Columbus and you've created a platform for a future statewide elected Democrat.

First, you chase the conservatives out of the party, then you expect them to do all the work, then you leave them to fend for themselves when it comes time to protect your more obedient but less talented members.

If managing political campaigns were a licensed profession, the geniuses at 700 Walnut would be sued for malpractice.

Republican Commission said...

The only Republican in recent memory who took back a Democratic county seat was Chris Monzel - you know, that disloyal Republican who opposed the Simon Leis Sales Tax Scam. And Chris Monzel's campaign featured exactly zero of these courthouse geniuses. Instead their campaign leaders were people who focused on doing their damn job - winning the election - as opposed to sucking up to every Republican leader and wannabe leaders at the courthouse.

That's how Monzel beat Leslie Ghiz, who was backed by Republican Insider, by a large margin. And that's how he beat Jim Tarbell will plenty of room to spare, to give the GOP control of the Commission. The Republican Party needs good, competent leaders who focus on the core task at hand. Like those disloyal people who worked for bad Republican Monzel.

Anonymous said...

Nah, not a lawsuit. Criminal charges for Internet Stalking and Harassment. Look it up in the ORC dumbass. The Hamilton County Sheriff Department has an excellent Internet crime unit. Guess whose cousin is a HCSD senior deputy?

I read it in the Enquirer! said...

who? please tell us!

Guess Who said...

Ha ha ha! It is going to be a great joy to see this hate-fest and fever swamp of fraudulent blog entries shut down by the government and its perpretrators frog-marched out of their crappy hovels and into the Justice Center. Just don't drop the soap, boys.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tabby... she looks to be frustrated in the photo, the packaging on thoese king sized snickers can be tricky. Of course the grossly bloated fingers aren't helping in that endeavor. No matter, the wrapper and all are fair game for Tabby the Hut. She will not be deterred! Employing ancient Buddhist technique, she devours the confectionary delight in a singular vulgar movement. Gluttons everywhere unite!

Thad Miller said...

All of these people hiding behind these oh so clever fake names need to be exposed!

Bill Astor (fat pig Cincy Capell) said...

I totally agree!

Tab's Former Colleagues said...

Guess that new law firm she was starting hasn't taken off, if the Hochscheids still have so much time to "anonymously" slur others on the internet and make wildly off-base legal claims that would embarrass most members of the bar.

Anonymous said...

Oodles of time to lounge at their Price Hill abode and chew the fat, literally. Oh the joys of being a bon vivant.