Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cranley criticizes Qualls for supporting stadium tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, how dare John Cranley criticize Roxanne Qualls for her pivotal support of the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax!  Cranley had the nerve to do this earlier today during his public chat on WCPO

This is unfair criticism.  Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen deserves nothing but love for her huge role in passing the Stadium Tax.  The Stadium Tax had failed to crack 50% in the polls until Roxanne appeared in the campaign ads - a theme we detailed in an earlier entry

We also object to Cranley criticizing The Queen for her role in moving the Bengals stadium west, thus adding anywhere from $70 million to $150 million depending on who you ask.  Bedinghaus and Qualls had to hide these costs from the public before the vote or else the tax would have been harder to pass.  We tax hikers routinely pull this trick - underestimate the costs to win the vote, then add the costs after the fact when it's too late to go back.

We applaud Roxanne Qualls for everything she did to pass the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  Because of Roxy we have been paying that tax for 17 years and we'll be paying for over 20 more, not to mention our enjoyment of all the benefits it has brought.  Cranley has no right to criticize Roxanne for her fantastic work on these stadiums which have brought so much good to Hamilton County.


Inside the Qualls Campaign said...

Team Roxanne is majorly pissed that her efforts to get the Stadium Tax passed have been getting talked about a lot more lately. And her supporters are constantly whining on Facebook and Twitter about this site's role in it. Good work guys.

Derek Bowlman said...

Don't worry Roxy, Craig "the hut" Hockshied and I will spend our days tweeting up your success and doing damage control.

Liberal twitter echo chamber said...

No need to worry, Roxanne. Some anonymous dumbass who counts yardsigns says you're a shoe in, and a blimpy, medicated, lonely loser named Craig Hochscheid has all but guaranteed it. Breathe easy, the experts are still behind you.

David A. Pepper for Something said...


Just hire some disreputable liberal company to do a push poll for you. That's what I do. I usually just get my Mommy and Daddy to pay for it. Yes, when actual polls come out that completely refute the results of your bogus poll it's kind of embarrassing, but it's good fodder for the morons on our side for the time being.
Yours in elitism,

David A. Pepper

We want a real race said...

Roxanne and her inner circle of loyalists need to get out of the Downtown-Mt Adams-OTR-Clifton bubble and learn how people really feel about the expensive streetcar that their tax dollars pay for but their rear ends will never have a reason to sit in, the parking plot that means they will pay more money when or if they go downtown, the glass atrium on city hall that a broke city can't afford, the responsible bidder plan that makes their already-expensive sewer system even costlier and will keep their streets torn up longer, the pension system that will cost them more money to pay for other people's retirement while they can't afford their own, and so many other ways this council and this administration has pissed on residents' leg and told them it's raining.

Jen Sutmoller said...

Roxanne Qualls maakte de stadions gebeuren en ze gaat maken van de tram gebeurt ook wanneer zij wordt burgemeester.

"Roxanne Qualls made the stadiums happen and she's going to make the streetcar happen too when she becomes Mayor."

Princess Margaret said...

Being so busy with everything I have to do as a working mother and highly successful professional woman in a field totally dominated by men, I've had to keep a low social media profile lately.

But John Cranley is my kind of candidate. He grew up in Price Hill (I guess it was a more reputable neighborhood back then) but then he got married and moved to the EAST SIDE!

Smart move, John. Leave those fat, smelly, disgusting, inbreeders behind.

You're definitely one of us now!

Oh, great, just looked at the calendar and we are having an event in the office today. It involves free lunch, so those pigs from the west side will surely be coming. Ugh. Can't they at least bathe first?

Qualls Supporters Everywhere said...

Roxanne will turn this around. She is always underestimated. She always starts behind in the polls. She always pulls it out in the end. While Cranley courts the dwindling number of Republican voters in Cincinnati, and while he does the bidding of the Downtown power structure, Roxanne will campaign quietly and tenaciously, block by block, building up a strong record of support in the neighborhoods.

Roxanne will turn out her voters just like President Obama did in 2012. Remember, everyone was about to write him off because they were listening to a corporate media who wanted to desperately to install a job-killing, regulation slashing billionaire in the White House.

Well, Mitt Cranley is going down because the voters know he doesn't care about people like them and Roxanne does. It will be fun watching the Enquirer eat crow. Maybe they will show some class and acknowledge the strategic genius of Jens Sutmoller and Craig Hocscheid when it is all over.