Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Get motivated

Dear fellow tax hikers, it's time for us to stop whining and get motivated for this huge mayoral election in November!  After everything Roxanne Qualls has done to push the parking plan, streetcar, stadium tax, and jail tax, we owe her nothing but our best over these next 7 weeks.

To help motivate you, we are going to republish a comment left on this website from a Cranley supporter taunting us after his big victory last week.  Read it and GET MAD!


Great predictions Qualls streetcar nutjobs. I'd like to remind you of your electoral idiocy on tonight, as John Cranley celebrates an ass-whipping victory of Streetcar Roxanne Qualls...

Game Over, GOP said:
"Cranley's endless pandering to Republicans will cost him dearly tomorrow. Republicans simply will not vote in a Democratic party primary.  Qualls will be seen as the front-runner and the Cranley/Right-Wing Smear Machine will never catch up."
- Is Qualls still the frontrunner after losing by 20 points?

Reality Check said:
"Fun times await us tomorrow night when Roxanne wins and the losers behind this blog are crying in their beers."
- How were your fun times? I hope you weren't crying in your beers.

Let Me Get This Straight said:
"Clearly, the Cranley campaign is flailing about in desperation hoping that something, anything will stick."
- I bet all flailing campaigns wish they could pull off a 20 point win.

Best Ad of the Season said:
"After having established her leadership bona fides, Roxanne Qualls does a sterling job of reminding the voters why they can't stand John Cranley."
- If by sterling job you mean hilariously ineffective then I agree.

Time to Face Reality said:
"The only downside to the thorough defeat that will be administered to John Cranley this Tuesday is that he will use the next two months to spew even more right-wing anger and hatred at all of us."
- Still think that's the only downside to tonight's election? Reality check anyone?

Math is Hard said:
"Roxanne does better among women than Cranley does among men. Unless women turn out less than men, which never happens, there is no way Roxanne can lose."
- Math is hard, which is why I suggest you take a class to brush up on your skills.

Anonymous Informed Voter said:
"John Cranley's craven political opportunism and his pandering to Tea Partiers, a minority within a minority, will cost him dearly this Tuesday and on November 5."
- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Sign Watcher said:
"In the past three days, I've gone across the city and back for various reasons. East side, west side, OTR, Clifton, Hartwell, Mt. Airy, no matter where you go there is far more support shown for Qualls than Cranley."
- I suggest you do a more thorough sign count, or become a better liar.


Is It True said...

Is it true that John Cranley was chairman of the finance and budget committee when the city wrote a ginormous check to Saks to keep them downtown?

Is it true that John Cranley was one of the supporters of the Empire Theater scam by Valerie Lemmie, Rashid Young and LaShawn Pettus-Brown to rip off the city?

Is it true that John Cranley is taking the owner-occupied tax credit on the Price Hill Property that he rents?

Is it true that John Cranley lost control at a city council meeting and that his failure of leadership at that moment turned a bad situation into the riots that have scarred our city for the decade-plus since?

Is it true that John Cranley has taken more than $30,000 from the George Soros family?

Tell me again why conservatives and Republicans are lining up behind this guy.

Craig Hogsheid said...

I read this and I'm mad as hell! Not because of this piece, but because I'm an angry, worthless pig all day every day.

Silver Spoon David A. Pepper said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to save this entry so I can dust off a few of these Qualls excuses next November when I'm rejected by the voters for the 3rd time in my last 4 elections.

Joe D. said...

Why are some conservatives and Republicans lining up behind Cranley? Because Qualls is 10x worse. Cranley is a family man and has values more closely aligned with middle-class Cincinnatians than elitist & leftist Roxanne Qualls.

To the resident Qualls stooge said...

"Is it true that John Cranley was chairman of the finance and budget committee when the city wrote a ginormous check to Saks to keep them downtown?"

John Cranley voted against it. Good try rookie.

Republican voting for Cranley said...

The Qualls lackeys who post here are going to have to come up with something better. We are fully aware that Cranley was twice the Democratic nominee for Congress, and he received all the usual endorsements and contributions that would be expected.

This race isn't between Cranley and a great conservative, it's between Cranley and an extreme liberal with a long list of terrible ideas - some of which Cranley is trying to stop like the streetcar and parking scheme.

The far left and far right might never compromise, but most of us know when it's time to quit pining for the impossible and start making the most of an imperfect situation. Cranley won't be a great mayor. But he is someone who will listen to a range of people, pay attention to the neighborhoods, avoid the terrible ideas like Roxanne's stadium and streetcar, and manage the city's affairs decently.

God Save the Queen said...

Those snide comments were disgusting. Roxanne did nothing wrong. I'm glad she continues to defend that great campaign ad she ran against Cranley. There's nothing wrong with having a dog piss on your opponent's name. It's classy and Roxanne was right to approve it.

Confused Voter said...

Wait, I'm confused. Does this blog support Qualls or Cranley?

Jen Sutmoller said...

We zullen Roxanne's nederlaag in november wreken. Wij zullen maken deze respectloze bloggers eten hun woorden, ik beloof het.