Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sandra Queen Noble for Mayor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we endorse the lovely Sandra Queen Noble for Cincinnati Mayor.  We need all of you to vote for her in today's primary so she can advance to November's General Election.

Why are we endorsing Queen Noble?  Ask yo momma bitch!

And don't ever print her muthafuckin' photograph without her permission and shit.

Don't you dare publish her comments without her written consent bitches.  Give her back her kids.  Vote for the Queen, not them racist incumbents and the Nazi fuking reporters who cover for them.


Alex T Mall Cop GOP said...

Funny thing is, some people think she's our candidate for mayor!

The Notorious P.I.G. Craig Hochscheid said...

She better looking than my wife.

Cooking with Craig said...

Hey, does anyone have any recipes for crow they can share with a bon vivant racist pig and his morbidly obese wife?

Queen NObil said...

Bitch set me up

Disaffected Cincy Voters said...

Wait, I thought the streetcar and tax hikes, and the parking plan were wildly popular and it was just suburbanite republicans that opposed them.

- Are you listening now Chris Seelbach?
- Are you listening now Yvette Simpson?
- Are you listening now Laure Quinlivan

I know Roxanne is listening now, and we're coming for you three fools next

HERO Queen Noble said...

Suck yo momma.