Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jonathan Dever supports disabled child

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are irate at State Representative candidate Jonathan Dever for supporting the right of a disabled Blue Ash girl to keep her service animal.  Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan and his Council Comrades unanimously passed legislation that banned her from keeping her service miniature horse, and that should be the end of the discussion.  But no, Dever just has to open his mouth with a differing opinion, the family filed a federal lawsuit, and the national media has now picked up the story.

Dever is calling on our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan to show leadership by amending the aforementioned legislation to allow this girl to keep her service animal.  We call on Rick to show no leadership.  All he needs to do is lay around and let Blue Ash staffers use his legislation to get rid of the service animal.  This is big government working as it should.

We condemn Jonathan Dever for standing up for a special needs child.  We call on Blue Ash City Council to continue putting disabled people in their place.  We conclude by reprinting Dever's disgusting press release:

Dever Calls on Bryan to Pass Common Sense Solution to Service Animal Standoff

February 20, 2014
For Immediate Release

Contact:          Jonathan Dever

Dever Calls on Bryan to Pass Common Sense Solution to Service Animal Standoff

Jonathan Dever, Republican candidate for the 28th District of the Ohio House of Representatives, renewed his call for a common sense solution to a Blue Ash City Council ordinance that prompted the removal of a young, disabled girl’s service animal from her home and sparked a federal lawsuit. 

Dever specifically called upon another candidate for the 28th House District, Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan, to use his authority to rectify the matter.

“Blue Ash City Council’s ham-fisted application of an ordinance that led to the removal of Chloe Anderson’s service animal has sparked growing outrage and attracted embarrassing national attention.  City Council has the power to amend their law to allow Chloe’s miniature horse, Ellie, to come home.  The city has defended their actions by saying other animals were living on the property along with the miniature horse.  That is immaterial.  The fact remains that Chloe is being denied the use of her service animal that she depends upon.  There is a common sense, compassionate solution that can be reached.  I am asking Councilman Bryan to do what’s right by leading the charge and asking his colleagues to pass an ordinance as soon as possible to allow Chloe and Ellie to be reunited.  This issue can be resolved.  The lawsuit can be dropped.  Most importantly, Chloe can rely on Ellie once again if Councilman Bryan and his colleagues exhibit some leadership and compassion and do what’s right,” Dever said.

Sycamore Township Trustee Tom Weidman echoed Dever’s sentiments saying, “I share Jonathan’s concerns.  As a longtime elected official, my colleagues and I have had issues arise from time to time that were dealt with by simply passing a variance in the law to correct an issue like this.  I hope Mr. Bryan will act quickly to end this standoff and reunite Chloe with her service horse, Ellie.”

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Kenwood Road said...

How about we keep the miniature horse and deport all of our Blue Ash Councilmen.

Princess Margaret said...

Yeaaaaa! For all my frienlies on Blue Ash City Council! Don't give in to the media pressure and allow a smelly horse into the community. Keep it nice for me, ok? I don't want any west side type of stench so close to where I shop. Thanks, guys. I it even talk to you next time we're at some swanky soirée.

Mike Moronski said...

Down with Dever! Who is this out of towner to tell other people how to run their community???? Say, although I live downtown and work in Price Hill, I hope you all can vote for the people who will do things my way on the Westwood Civic Association board!

Anonymous said...

It's not about this exception- it's about the rule. Why a blanket ban on all livestock (the top of the Blue Ash CC legislative agenda for 18, er, 19, er, 2013)? Instead of dealing with a resident with too many chickens - just ban everything like cowards.

We shouldn't be reacting to the exception and playing on emotions. We need to be highlighting a ban-happy, private-property limiting, freedom-restricting Blue Ash City Council.

former conservative Dave Yost said...

Most communities have better things to do than harass disabled kids. But if my main man Rick Bryan says it's cool, then I proudly endorse it.

Lifelong Loyal Hamilton County Republican said...

This maneuver is classic Gary Lindgren of the Cincinnasty Business Committee, the ultra-secret group of downtown business men who try to use their power to control everything in Cincinnati and keep our Queen City of the West stuck in the 18th century mindset. Way to go, Jonathan! Hire some political consultants incapable of original thought. Makes you wonder who's really running the show at Dever Central. When a guy has only lived in his house for six months, it's easy to see why he would rely on outsiders for political advice in his sad and desperate attempt to gain political office. Just go back to West Chester and wait your turn because this pitifully lame mockery of a political campaign is only helping the Democrat running for the 28th district.

Dave Yost is TOAST said...

way to go Dave, set a great example of integrity by endorsing in a primary for an open seat, something a statewide elected official almost never does, and then endorsing a candidate whose books your office is responsible for auditing.

You don't allow the people who work for you to so much as put a sign on their lawn to support a political candidate whose books you'll be responsible for auditing but then you go ahead and stick your nose in this election. Do as I say, not as I do, right Mr. Auditor?

Way to go Dave, flush all that integrity you worked so hard to build up the past 4 years, and for an over-the-hill, big-spending, old white guy. Dave helps put the "Old" in "Grand Old Party."

Mister Ed said...

There's only one horse's ass in this story, and that ass is Rick Bryan. On second thought there are two. I forgot about Dave Yost.