Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Czerwonkas support David Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are pleased to see that the legendary Republican Czerwonka family of Blue Ash is supporting David A. Pepper for Attorney General.  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Czerwonka (also known as Christine Buttress) have donated $500 to the Pepper campaign.  Click to get a clearer reading of the campaign finance report screen shot:

By contrast, the Royal Czerwonkas have donated $0 to his Republican opponent Mike DeWine.

If you feel like you have read this post before, it's because you basically have.  We previously covered the story when the Czerwonka family also supported David Pepper in 2010, that time against Republican Dave Yost.  There, they donated $100 to Pepper and $0 to Yost. 

By Just Adding Pepper, Lee Czerwonka and Christine Butthead confirm their support for:

- abortion on demand
- lots of higher taxes
- "marriage equality" for gays, incestors, polygamists, and groups
- strict obedience to the labor unions
- gun control
- destroying religious freedom
- the AG refusing to defend any law that he disagrees with
- lax voter laws that allow Melowese Richardson to vote as many times as she wants

These are the policies that the Czerwonkas believe in.  If they didn't, they wouldn't have donated $500 to Democrat David Pepper. 


Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, last few weeks said...


I'm bitter about my loss and I refuse to get over it. Nobody should EVER be able to criticize the public record of a Blue Ash Councilman! We're better and smarter than all of you, nevermind that none of us can get beyond our current position.

When I talked about the need for party unity, that was only a one way street. I don't have the honor to back my promises. So go Pepper! Go Fitzgerald! Go Kamrass! Go Pillich!

Tim Burka said...

The Czerwonkas and the Faulkner Cooneys are our favorite kind of Republicans because they donate lots of money to Democrats. You don't see any Republican campaign donors in the hierarchy of our Democratic Party, do you? I love my job of chairing the Democratic Party while pretty much getting to call the shots in the Republican. Party thanks to their weak leadership.

Princess Margaret said...

The Czerwonkas are some of the most suave, urbane, witty, sophisticated and genteel people I've ever met in politics. Why does this blog have to hate them so much? Stop picking in them, you fat, smelly, disgusting, inbred west Siders you! I'm telling Alex!

Ashwin said...

A Republican who donates to Democrats? This is how it should always be. Just like my days as a New York City Democratic operative and advocate for undocumented workers and children.

Alex T Mall Cop GOP said...

No comment as usual.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

One of the reasons I love the Czerwonkas (especially Lee) is because he likes to support losers too. Rick Bryan, Jean Schmidt, Michelle Schneider, David Pepper - when Lee supports you, you have to ask if you're doing something wrong.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Czerwonkas was the monster in the Lewis Carroll novel Through the Looking-Glass.

Ex_GOP said...

When the Republican Party stands by and does nothing while good conservative Republicans such as Rick Bryan are smeared by carpet-bagging extremists and shadow organizations running last-minute negative campaigns, don't be surprised when calls for party "unity" are totally ignored by the people who worked hard for the party for years only to have the people we supported do absolutely nothing to support us.

Let's Face It said...

Micah Kamrass has 20 times as much cash on hand as the Republican nominee, who is too extreme for the Tea Party. He won despite being slightly outspent because of huge last-minute smear campaign. He faces a much wider funding Gap in the general, and he will not have the luxury of his cronies running such a nasty last-minute campaign, since COAST lacks the resources for effective general election messaging. Coast and the Tea Party can get their extremist candidates through a primary but not the general when so many people vote and when so many people reject the last minute smear tactics and extremist messages COAST pumps out. Turns out, this candidate is too extreme for the Tea Party. He will get little if any help from he state party and even most members of he local party want nothing to do with him. Yet another winnable seat taken away from the Republicans by conservative extremist evangelicals.

Trust Me said...

Micah Kamrass will get more votes from Republicans than any Democrat besides Dusty Rhodes ever has.

This is what happens when a weakened Republican Party kowtows to the extremists and doesn't support one of our own.

This is what happens when the Party looks the other way when their right flank campaigns dishonestly and their candidate sneaks in on a smear campaign.

This is what happens when the Party acts like none of the above ever happened and trot out their standard line about supporting the primary's winner, even though no one seriously believes that they do.

I hope the Ohio House Republican Operating Campaign is taking note of the shenanigans conducted by the carpet-bagging extremists, learns from past extremist nutjob candidates we've shamefully selected as our nominee, and doesn't waste $100,000 on the 28th District this time. Find some winnable races elsewhere in the state to offset the fact that in Hamilton County the inmates are running the asylum.

Young Drunk Republican Women of Cincinnati said...

Do we need to do anything? Or can we just keep on drinking all summer?

Kathy Mohr said...

Let your anger consume you until it nearly costs you your job.

Matt Borges said...

Wait, this Dever guy is a conservative? No cash for him, unless we run a really nasty mailer that totally sinks his ship.

Craig Hochscheid said...

Ghana started this soccer match on CP time.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

All of us at Republicans for Higher Taxes would like to welcome the Micah Kamrass campaign team members to our site. We have enjoyed your posts over the past few weeks and we hope you will make a home here permanently.

The Micah Kamrass Concern Troll said...

"A concern troll is a false flag pseudonym created by a user whose actual point of view is opposed to the one that the troll claims to hold. The concern troll posts in Web forums devoted to its declared point of view and attempts to sway the group's actions or opinions while claiming to share their goals, but with professed "concerns". The goal is to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt within the group."

"An example of this occurred in 2006 when Tad Furtado, a staffer for then-Congressman Charles Bass (R-NH), was caught posing as a "concerned" supporter of Bass' opponent, Democrat Paul Hodes, on several liberal New Hampshire blogs, using the pseudonyms "IndieNH" or "IndyNH". "IndyNH" expressed concern that Democrats might just be wasting their time or money on Hodes, because Bass was unbeatable. Hodes eventually won the election."

"Trust Me" is an obvious Micah Kamrass concern troll. It's not even a good effort.

Oh yes, you are "concerned" that the Republicans are going to "waste" their money in this district. Of course you are - because you're part of #TeamKamrass and want the GOP to throw in the towel so your boy can win in a breeze. Jared? Julie? Aditya? Emma? Leah? Kobie? Whoever you are, you're not very good at this.

Trust Me said...

Sorry not a Kamrass staffer but definitely thinking of voting for him after the dishonest smear campaign by the extremist carpet-bragger the GOP nominated.

It says a lot about thie state of the race if this blog can name 6 Kamrass staffers without much effort and there aren't 6 people willing to admit they support the Republican candidate in public.

classless capell said...

What a classless move to attack a guy for who his wife chooses to support. The author of this blog has clearly never been in a relationship with someone before. If he had, he would probably know that a married couple doesn't need to agree on everything, and that they remain separate individuals who can support their own causes.

The Ghost of John Dowlin said...

We coulda been contenders.

- Rick Bryan
- Lee Czerwonka
- Jim Sumner
- Virg Lovitt

The Internet, heard of it? said...

Someone should inform classless dumbass that political contributions to candidates for state office are accessible on the Internet. They are public record. This website gathered publicly available political donations by the Czerwonkas and posted it. If that upsets you, you won't last long in politics.

Trust Me is a Concern Troll said...

My favorite part of the "concerned" Republican (I mean the Kamrass Koncern Troll) is the claim that Dever is this huge extremist. If this concern troll was really a Rick Bryan supporter, he or she would know that Rick himself said - multiple times - that all 3 candidates largely agreed on the issues.

Every single conservative viewpoint Dever espoused, Rick Bryan claimed he supported too. Pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, fiscal conservatism, stopping Common Core, Rick claimed he agreed with Dever.

Oh wait, Dever didn't support spending $24,000 per year on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany. Extremist!

Again, if you're going to play a concern troll, play it well. You're not much good at it.

Lucy with the Football said...

I love it when Republicans endorse Democrats and give them money. The best part is, those Republican suckers keep doing it and doing it and never get anything from Democrats in return.

Scooby Don't said...

All campaign long, we heard how Rick Bryan was this great conservative. He and Dever saw eye-to-eye on every issue, they said. Rick should be the nominee because of his conservative record, they said. They began to feel ENTITLED to this nomination. After all, conservative businessman and veteran Rick Bryan had years of service to his community and his country to back this up.

Then, in the last week, the truth about Rick's "conservative" record began to appear. He hiked taxes by 25%. He helped Cincinnati grease the skids for their streetcar. He is pushing a $75,000,000 park on a city of 12,000 people. Oh, and he has no problem using taxpayer funds to give himself a European vacation every other year.

So much for that high-minded public servant/ conservative hero narrative they had going.

In the 11th hour of Election Night, Rick Bryan's lead evaporates.

The petulant Rick Bryan supporters whine and complain about their story going up in smoke.

They remind me of the villain in every Scooby Doo episode who says "and I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids."

Internet, Troll, and every other dumb name Capell posts from said...

You entirely missed the point. If you want to go after a man for who he supports, by all means go for it. But stop attacking a man for who his WIFE supports. That's just classless, and shows no understanding of what it is like to be in a relationship. That comment has nothing to do with what is available on an internet search. Czerwonka did not contribute to Pepper, his wife did. Stop spreading lies.

Political spouse said...

All of us political spouses know that this is a joint sacrifice, and we make sure not to do anything to cause any trouble for our husband or wife. The Czerwonkas aren't any old married couple. One is the mayor of blue ash and both are intelligent people.

If their combined political donations to Pepper are $500 and the combined donations to DeWine are nothing, its no accident. They know exactly what they're doing.

Springdale Detective said...

A nice tribute written about one of Rick Bryan's more prominent (and younger) supporters should cheer the readers of this blog up.

Run on your record said...

"If you want to go after a man for who he supports, by all means go for it."

You mean the same way Rick Bryan and his closest supporters allowed us to discuss his full record on Blue Ash Council?

Exhibit A said...

"Ex_GOP" would have you believe that Republicans are abandoning the party because the party has somehow drifted far to the right.

No, Republican voters are leaving the party because the Republicans in Congress are spineless, grandstanding jerks who aren't doing anything about Obama's wholesale criminal behavior and willful surrender of our positions overseas, while letting thousands of illegal aliens in across that sieve he pretends is a border.

Anonymous said...

I am an Anderson Township Republican and I donated to democrat Joe Otis for State Rep. Stautberg was a good Rep! Brinkman should have never of won that race.

Common Core said...

Obviously, the anon at 12:40 AM needs a remedial English class. "should never of won?"

Chip said...

Peter $tautberg was the best legislator money could buy! We're hoping Dever will follow in his shoes, should he win.

It's hilarious that everyone thinks Dever is some right-winger. He's about as right-wing as I am ideological; which is not very.

Tim Burka and the Faux Caleb said...

Another Republican who helps us out! We love it when Republican extremism and rigid, inflexible posture on so many issues causes their members so support our candidates instead.

Thanks to their chairman's willingness to let the extremists into the Republican Party, it's sending even more sensible and thinking people our way.

Thank you, Tea Partiers! You've given us the US Senate, the 28th House District, the Sheriff's office, and helped us hold on to a few seats we thought we could maybe lose. You guys are the best thing that's ever happened to us.

Colerain Voter said...

It's too bad you people who live in the 28th House District have to put up with all this campaigning and election crap. Here in the 29th District, our state legislator, Louis W. Blessing III, who inherited the seat from his father, just got engaged to his staff attorney, Heather Mann. So, after Lou III serves for 8 years, come 2020 Mrs. Heather Mann Blessing will serve until 2028. No problems with that messy election stuff over here. Start figuring out a way to marry in to the Blessing family if you want a shot at the seat in 2030.