Monday, June 30, 2014

Transit Sales Tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, more great news to report as Hamilton County residents have been presented with their second Sales Tax increase in one week!  Just as we were looking forward to paying higher Sales Taxes to renovate two buildings owned by the City of Cincinnati, we may now get the opportunity to pay higher Sales Taxes to our local transit authority. 

Two Sales Tax hikes in one week.  This is one of our best weeks ever. 

This particular tax increase would send our money to the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA).  As SORTA continues trying to spend more money to operate the Cincinnati Streetcar, they need a new source of funds to perform their own tasks.  And it is you Hamilton County taxpayers who will be paying. 

This is the common theme for both of these Sales Tax hikes.  Hamilton County residents must pay a new Arts Sales Tax so Cincinnati can spend their money to build a streetcar instead of take care of their own buildings.  Hamilton County residents must also pay a new Transit Sales Tax to SORTA so that they can operate the beloved Cincinnati Streetcar. 

We wholeheartedly endorse both of these Sales Tax increases.  Tax us more!


Campaign Expert Matheny said...

As a strong supporter of strong streetcar backers like Rick Bryan, I am proud to support these amazing tax increases for our beloved streetcar. About the only success I've had in politics have been to support tax hikes for Springdale and the Princeton school district.

Princess Margaret said...

I hope there are lots and lots of fancy fund-raisers for the sales tax campaigns. I love parties for tax hikes because there aren't ever any of those fat, smelly, disgusting, inbred west-siders at those fancy events and there is no candidate for me to have to pretend to like.

Jonathan Deceiver said...

May I be the first to smear an opponent by falsely claiming he supports both of these massive tax hikes? Because making unwarranted personal attacks against a man with the decency to take the high road is the only way I can ever win.

David A. Pepper said...

I am glad everyone has forgotten my support for higher taxes on everything when I was on City Council and the County Commission.

Anonymous said...

Awww, man. I just sent in Goering's 6 mo. installment and I bet I coulda estimated my share of the new City Cultural Icon and Bus-the-city-folk-out-to-the-burbs-for-some-fresh-air taxes and added it in. Do you think the treasurer will take a 2nd add-on check?


Still-have-a-couple-'o-bucks-left-in-my-suburbia-bank-account- guy


The Former Future Mrs Blessing said...

I will support every tax hike there is, because I know that family I so desperately wanted to marry into will oppose it.

Deception said...

Mr. Deceiver, can you please provide evidence of these "personal attacks" and false smears that you seem to think were made?

David A. Pepper said...

Naturally I support this Sales Tax hike. I've been wanting to raise Hamilton County Sales Taxes for years and this may finally grant me my wish.

As great as this tax increase is, why aren't you covering the most important issue of this race - the horrible Supreme Court decision which says some companies don't have to provide free birth control to their employees. This is my #1 issue.

When I become Attorney General, I will insist that all employers provide free birth control, viagra, sex change operations, and gay marriage ceremonies for their employees. These things are none of your boss' business, except when it's time to pay the bill.


Don't worry, David. Your secrets are safe with us.

Greed Township Republicans said...

We need an arts facility here to show just how much classier we are than our garbage-loving neighbors to the north.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greed, quit dissin' my hood.