Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blue Ash defeats handicapped child

Dear fellow tax hikers, our good friends on Blue Ash City Council have achieved a monumental victory over a handicapped girl and her miniature service horse.  Blue Ash was unjustifiably being sued in federal court for ordering the removal of a disabled child's miniature horse.  However, the consistently great Judge Tim Black sided with Blue Ash and ordered the case dismissed.  It's vital that fine communities like Blue Ash are able to stick it to the disabled.

Most importantly, this gives Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan his first political victory of the year.

State Rep candidate Jonathan Dever backed this family.  And fellow State Rep candidate Micah Kamrass assisted them as an Errand Boy employee of the law firm that represented the family.  Accordingly, we condemn Dever and applaud Kamrass for their role in backing a handicapped child against the government. 

We backed Blue Ash from Day 1.  Blue Ash Council understands that sometimes you have to put the handicapped in their place.  We're pleased the law agrees.  It's time for this horse to meet its destiny - Rick Bryan's dinner.  


Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

Oh yeah we showed everyone who's in charge. Hi-five Lee.

Mikey Kamrass said...

I can't wait until the general election gets closer and I start attacking this extremist Dever who is so extreme that the Tea Party extremists don't support this right-wing extremist candidate. I also can't wait for my daddy's friends at the Enquirer and all the TV stations to help me get out my message. I know when the extremist candidate too extreme for the Tea Party extremists starts to question my platform, I can count on everyone in the news media to come to my defense. Nobody ever criticizes a wealthy Democrat, especially the son of a Rabbi, in this town and gets away with it ever.


We'll give you all the help that you need, Micah. Just like we've always helped David Pepper avoid any unpleasant coverage.

Anonymous said...

As a self-proclaimed bon vivant I can assure you that pony makes for good eats. Flabby and I are buzzing like bees in a jar with anticipation of a pony feast. We celebrate the taking of the pony and fully endorse a slow roasting of the beast. Sorry little girl, but we is who we is and that pony's been in our crosshairs since the story broke. Now please move aside and bring us a bucket!

The most distinguished of all Pricedale residents - the Hochscheids

David A. Pepper said...

I wish the rest of the newspapers in this state were as obedient and cooperative as the Enquirer.

The Blessing Dynasty said...

Blue Ash City Council needs to start grooming their kids for office to replace them when they want to step down, and then they won't have to worry about what the voters think. Those voters don't pay any attention. They just vote for the same names over and over again while we get to rule over all of them and make our lives easier.