Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Doyle Webster to Council: Pay Me

Dear fellow tax hikers, often people are trying to extend their compliments to an elected official by referring to them as "selfless".  Whatever.  One of the things we like most about Springdale Mayor "Royal" Doyle Webster is that he never hesitates to put himself first. 

When Royal Doyle was being paid a mere $12,000/year to be the ceremonial Mayor and wanted more, he took action. Royal demanded that Council give him a 50% pay raise, whether it was legal or not.  Did you get a 50% raise? 

The Ohio Ethics Commission has said it's illegal for elected officials to vote themselves an in-term pay increase. It could cloud decisions about whether the raise would be in a city's best interest, the commission has said. It also denies voters the chance when they go to the polls to know what their representatives will earn.

Royal Doyle wanted his money, he wanted it NOW, and he didn't want no stinkin' voters having their say. 

As for allowing residents to vote on the issue, Mr. Webster said he's against it.

Not only does Doyle look out for himself at City Hall, he looks after his immediately family too.  In 2009 he tried to install his daughter, the legendary Campaign Expert PhD Julie Matheny, on Springdale Council.  Sadly she lost in a landslide, making her roughly the only Republican in Hamilton County unable to get elected on the back of an established family name. 

But at least Royal Doyle got his pay raise!  We applaud Doyle for his dedication - to himself, to his family, and to raising taxes.  We encourage everyone visiting Springdale to avoid the most dangerous places there - and the most unsafe place by far is between Royal Doyle Webster to his next big pay increase.


Sara from Speingdale said...

Holy crap! Thais could be a campaign game-changer if only the opposition were running an actual campaign.

Liberal Democrat Micah Kamrass said...

I want to make it clear that I didn't pay Royal Doyle Webster for his endorsement last year. He just hates Republicans and conservatives.

That's my official story and I'm sticking to it. And now that I left those ignorant hicks in the 28th District and bought a home in Hyde Park, I really don't care who gets elected out there.

Everyone Paying Attention said...

In the past, people have come to this site with claims that those running against our preferred candidates (such as Dever against Bryan and Kamrass) were running weak campaign efforts and those campaigns were crashing and burning. I live in Springdale and the Harlow campaign simply has not gotten off the ground.

Rick Bryan said...

It should be illegal to use old news articles in a campaign against someone.


Ricky Baby

The Blessing Dynasty said...

When you come from the Webster family and the old man fails to you a political seat as though it were a peerage in the House of Lords, you obviously are not a member of the right family and haven't let the proper people marry into yours.

Jewels might be able to get elected somewhere by 2028 but she needs to slow down the aging process and get some better hair and clothes. Perhaps the 29th realm will include Springdale by then.

Colerain Resident said...

We are so jealous you get to vote against a Harlow in Springdale and we don't.

Jester in Royal Doyle's Court said...

Oh, so Marjorie Harlow isn't running a real campaign and has no chance of winning?

Anonymous commenters (especially from Springdale) have also told us:

- Brad Wenstrup wasn't running a real campaign and had no chance of beating Campaign Expert Matheny's idol Jean Schmidt.
- Jonathan Dever wasn't running a real campaign and had no chance of beating Rick Bryan.
- Jonathan Dever wasn't running a real campaign and had no chance of beating liberal golden boy Micah Kamrass.

So we're being told Marjorie Harlow has the same chance of winning that Wenstrup and Dever had?

Marge Won't be in Charge said...

With no money, no signs, no lit and no endorsements, it will be tough for Harlow. Also no social media presence. Her only hope is that all the people Royal Doyle and his caustic, nasty daughter have personally rubbed the wrong way will turn out and vote against him. It almost happened last time. Ironically, Doyle may be saved by pothead turnout for Issue 3 as you'd have to be high to think he is a good guy.

Melowese Richardson said...

Hey hey hey I had problems getting paid too from those greedy government people. Our common causes also extend to that great young man Micah Kamrass. I can help you get some votes in this election if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Drive By said...

Took a spin through Springdale yesterday and it's clear that Royal Doyle has the sign advantage. The opponent has more signs than the commenters would lead you to believe. Overall, Springdale might have more sign locations than actual voters. It's not unusual to find five different signs in one yard between mayor, city council and school board.

Policy With PG said...

Here is what I like best about Doyle: he blocks anyone who challenges him on social media. A man after my own heart. What eve ver happened to that Kamrass fellow you were parading around Springdale?

Nice ladies finish second said...

I am still at a loss for An excuse, reason or rationale for this campaign being run by Mrs Harlow. She has no vision for Springdale that differs from the Royal Doyle plans she herself supported. The only thing she has going for her is all the people Royal Doyle and his caustic daughter have alienated. That might be a majority of Springdale after all.

Nate from Northwest said...

So Harlow is the "nice" one? What a total contrast from what we are dealing with.