Monday, October 26, 2015

Doyle Webster's Dirty Needles

Dear fellow tax hikers, of the many things we love about Springdale Mayor "Royal" Doyle Webster, one of our favorites is the drug needle exchange program he brought to Springdale. 

Springdale Mayor Doyle Webster and a majority of city council members agreed last summer to allow Cincinnati Exchange in their community

We want to be clear about something - these drug needles are for drug addicts only, and not for Royal Doyle or any erratic members of His Royal Family. 

This program is good for the Springdale economy.  When these drug addicts converge on Springdale for their free supplies, we believe many of them will hang around and spend some money in local Springdale businesses - virtually zero of which are based in a poorly-managed office park. 

Fifty-one people, all white, participated in the first seven weeks, Harrison said. Eighty percent were men; the median age was 32. One person came seven times, most came once or just a few times.

See, this program quickly brought Springdale exactly what it needs - an infusion of good, young, white, drug addicts to build the next generation of city leaders.  This is Royal Doyle's leadership at its finest.  We need to re-elect Doyle Webster to get four more years of these progressive, wonderful government programs. 


Liberal Democrat Mikey Kamrass said...

Doyle Webster endorsed me for State Rep because he is a liberal who supports liberal programs like drug needle exchange programs. I support this program in Springdale. Now that I left those ignorant hicks in the 28th District and bought a home in Hyde Park, the more druggies we can ship to Springdale the better.

Greed Township GOP said...

Can't believe out trash-infested ghetto neighbors to our north don't have a ton of these places.

KNC51 said...

I can't use my name because I am retired from a very important position at the very highest levels of the government of the great state of Ohio. Folks, it is so unfair that the people of Springdale get to vote for a great Republican like Doyle Webster and against a Harlow who refuses to wait her turn when we the good hard-working , God-fearing people of Colerain Township are stuck with a Harlow who jumped ahead of so many other good Republicans because of her unswerving devotion to an absolute tyrant.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

Although I haven't been real successful with external clients, my Daddy is undefeated when I am his campaign manager.

Rick Bryan said...

I hope Doyle and Julie and my good friends at R4HT are on the lookout for sneaky, last-minute mailers, smear campaigns and other nastiness that those COAST crazies and that awful Jonathan Dever like to bring out. They told all kinds of lies and smeared me at the last minute when they tried to paint my overseas travel as frivolous. Then when my good friend Micah Kamrass touted his endorsements from those great Republicans who risked very thing they had to cross party lines and support him, they responded with a very nasty threatening letter from Establishment Republicans. This is the kind of behavior that is ruining our party. You never know how twisted those nasty people will be.


2007: R4HT GOES BIG supporting jail tax. It gets clobbered at the last minute due to nasty smears from COAST.

2008: R4HT goes big for Virgil Lovitt. He gets smoked due to sneaky underhanded smear tactics from COAST and poor camping strategy from the Republicans in Columbus.

2009: R4HT fairly quiet.

2010: R4HT backs Leslie Ghiz in primary over Chris Monzel. COAST smear campaign sinks Leslie.

2011: R4HT backs Tom Hart and opposes Heather Harlow for Colerain Fiscal Officer. This time, Hart sinks his own campaign at the last minute with a smeary email blast that also helped bring to light a sneaky underhanded tactic he used earlier in he campaign.

2012: R4HT backs Deputy Dog Donavan for Sheriff. The Sheriff looses due to Republican Party campaign staff ineptitude.

2013: R4HT backs Roxy Qualls who loses big because COAST backed Cranley.

2014: R4HT backs Rick Bryan who loses thanks to a sneaky last minute mailer from COAST and then backs Micah Kamrass in the general who loses when a mailer from the Hamilton County GOP spreads lies.

2015: R4HT backs Royal Doyle Webster who COAST isn't targeting and the HC GOP isn't supporting. Despite the potential to run a nasty campaign because his daughter has run some of the nastiest campaigns in Cincinnati history, he isn't sinking his own ship and has absolutely nothing to fear from a grandmother who hasn't had an original thought about Springdale since 1979. I think you may win one here finally.

Go Ahead Make My Day said...

Doyle is going to win and Marge is going to lose.
Period. End of discussion.

You Would Be Proud said...

Epic rant in support of Royal Doyle written ostensibly by a Colerain resident who totally eviscerated your enemy Heather Harlow. It's a shame that the post was deleted because I thought that was the perfect exampke of Hklie Matheny in action.