Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 Enemy of the Treasury - Chris Monzel

Yesterday we promised that today we would name our 2008 anti-tax Enemy of the Treasury. Sadly, we had no problems finding a deserving winner. This individual has been a thorn in our side, opposing all of our noble efforts to raise taxes on every citizen in Southwest Ohio.

For his tireless efforts to oppose higher taxes and limit spending, we award Chris Monzel our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury. He has earned his spot on our Wall of Shame, joining our 2007 Enemy Pat DeWine.

Each year Monzel has led the fight to freeze city property taxes so that homeowners do not receive an automatic tax increase. This move has saved Cincinnati homeowners millions of dollars over the years. They do not deserve this money. City Council could spend this money far better than Cincinnati homeowners ever could.

When ultra pro-tax David Crowley and other liberals on City Council wanted to implement Red Light Cameras to raise money and track our movements, Monzel voted against them and was the only member of City Council to actively campaign against them. This is unacceptable to us, especially after we endorsed these cameras. Even though they don't increase public safety, they're still great. These cameras would have brought more money into city coffers and would have enabled the government to better record our movements around the city.

Just two months ago when the City Manager wanted to install a big trash collection fee to collect more money from city residents and businesses, it was Monzel who stepped up and led the opposition. Now the city can't afford to give millions more to The Freedom Center and the Mayor wasn't able to add another staffer (or another Scottie).

Worst of all, Monzel was the only member of City Council to oppose the big Sales Tax increase generously brought to us by David Pepper, Todd Portune, and Simon Leis. The fact that 60% of the city's voters also opposed it is no excuse. By disobeying instructions from party leaders, Monzel showed that the opinions of the commoners mean more to him than the wishes of party leaders like Bill Seitz and Simon Leis. We were dismayed when Monzel offered commentary on the design of the proposed jail. Just because he is a veteran engineer at GE doesn't mean he knows squat about building things. Besides, we already had the opinions of Tax Hike Seitz and David Pepper, and as we know those two are experts on everything.

As you see, Monzel has built an appalling record of opposing higher taxes and more spending. We expect the Republican Party to do something about this. Defending the taxpayers on 4 big issues in just 14 months is shameful indeed, and well deserving of our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury Award.


Virg "the Scourge" Lovitt said...

I can't believe there are Republicans who would oppose higher taxes.

Mean Jean Schmidt said...

Me either.

COAST said...

You bastards are the real enemy. Monzel's a real Republican, and a friend to all that is good and right in this world.

Scott Gehring said...

Chris Monzel should have been sent packing by the voters in 2007. If I hadn't resigned to focus on my state representative campaign, manage Melanie Bates' campaign, and to fight for my wife's boss' tax increase, that's exactly what would have happened. City Hall will be much better off when his poisonous ideology is expunged. I know some guys from my current job as an executive with one of the area's largest non-profits who will gladly help us fumigate his office.

VOA client said...

I'm one of Scott Gehring's clients. I must say, he services me well!

West Side Tax Hiker said...

Scott, it's great to see you're getting back involved. I hope the family member whose illness prevented you from running that state representative campaign for which you resigned your job as Leslie Ghiz' Legislative Director has made a speedy recovery and you will put your immense talents to use in the city council election this year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should start looking out for future enemies of the state.