Friday, January 30, 2009

Rick Bryan - Tax Hiking Star

We continue with our tour around Hamilton County to profile some of our party's up-and-coming tax-hiking stars on the rise. Today we offer you, our loyal readers, a bio on one of Hamilton County's greatest tax-and-spend Republicans, Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan. Consider the outstanding Rick Bryan record:

1. Supported Issue 27, the Super-sized Sales Tax hike backed by our great Sheriff Si Leis, David Pepper, Todd Portune, and former Attorney General Marc Dann.

2. Supported a 25% income tax increase for the fine citizens of Blue Ash for the expansion of a golf course and rec center. If Rick will raise taxes 25% for that, imagine how high he'd raise taxes for something important!

3. Voted for a Blue Ash City Council resolution, which passed unanimously, to show support for more than doubling Hamilton County's hotel/motel tax, a high priority of our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. We are not aware of him ever voting for a resolution to oppose a tax increase.

4. Took a strong stand against our 2007 Enemy of the Treasury Pat DeWine in his 2008 race for judge because of his opposition to tax increases. Normally in strict obedience of party directives, Bryan made a rare exception when he went against the party endorsement and supported DeWine's primary opponent in March 2008. If you don't support tax increases, Rick will be there to sink you.

5. Strongly supported our man Virgil Lovitt for State Representative. Rick Bryan donated $1050 to his campaign and co-hosted a cornhole tournament for his campaign!

6. Has been a loyal source of the mustache power that has helped give our movement the extra juice it needs to defeat the anti-taxers.

Rick Bryan is one of the most impressive rising stars of the Republican tax-and-spend movement. We know he is tired of being stuck in Blue Ash and has been trying for years to move on to higher office. When Rick does make his next run, we will be there to support him 100%. Keep up the good work!

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